Avoiding website projects going awry

I've built hundreds of websites in the last 20+ years, so I understand the importance of a well-executed website project. Even with the best intentions of all involved, website projects can sometimes go wrong, leading to frustration, setbacks, and ex...

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Feb 08, 2024
Are You Committed To Your Business Idea?

Having a great business idea is just the beginning. It's essential to commit to your vision to evaluate (and/or achieve) it successfully. Over the last decade, I've encountered numerous clients with promising ideas, yet they never delve into the cruc...

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Jan 31, 2024
Symptoms vs. Causes

It's crucial to distinguish between symptoms and causes when addressing issues in your tech. This concept is akin to understanding the difference between "effect" and "affect" in the context of your business operations.Effect (noun) "change that resu...

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Jan 24, 2024
10th anniversary of serving all of you!

As we kick off the new year, this newsletter will be different. Instead of my usual goal of providing thought-provoking tech tips & topics, I’m excited to say McNary Marketing & Design’s 10th anniversary is coming up on Sunday, January 14, 20...

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Jan 10, 2024
Your End-of-Year Tech Review & Embracing the Future

As the year draws close, it's a perfect time to reflect on your business journey and prepare for future opportunities. Regarding your technology usage, leveraging hindsight and foresight is crucial for success.Hindsight: Let's take a moment to review...

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Dec 14, 2023
Three types of tools to build websites

For nearly a decade, I have used a simple 3-level model for considering your website build options. The different approaches you can take are based on your current goals, future plans, and budget:Page Builders (Do It Yourself)Page builders like Squar...

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Nov 15, 2023
Turning the tech off sometimes

This weekend is upon us! We (hopefully) use this time to recharge and spend time with our friends and family. But I doubt you will take much time from your tech this weekend. As I get mid-age-old and mature as a professional, I've learned despite my...

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Nov 10, 2023
Tradeoffs & Decisions

When making big decisions, clear expectations, priorities, and flexibility are essential. I have been reminded of this as I am looking for a new family vehicle to accommodate my family's needs.My teen boys (adult size now!), wife, and I need a vehicl...

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Nov 02, 2023
Break it down into pieces to get it done... smartly

Breaking your tech projects down into smaller, more manageable phases can allow you to get started faster, brings valuable insights, and can improve your overall output.This approach allows you to focus on gathering more information and refining your...

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Oct 26, 2023