A Bit About Hurricanes ⚡

Happy Friday,Let me begin this email with the hope that if you or your loved ones are affected by hurricane Ian that they get the help, they need quickly.I don't suspect any of you know that I grew up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I've been t...

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Sep 30, 2022
What Can I Do For You? 🤔

Happy Friday,Last week it was 90 degrees, and this week it's in the 70s with brisk mornings. Almost like someone flipped a switch and said it's Fall now. A quick update on my beekeeping season—I harvested 10 medium frames of honey which was approxima...

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Sep 23, 2022
Getting the Bookends of Product Right 📚

Happy Friday!I'd like to write a bit about something that comes up a lot for me and my clients as they conceive of and launch software products.Imagine you bought a phone, and that phone came with a book. The book contained information like how to in...

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Sep 16, 2022
A Tale of Two Leaders ⁉️

Happy Friday!A few quick updates here before I get into the main topic of my email. First, I should have the second article in my team-building series up later today. Next, some of you have asked about that second business we started which was operat...

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Sep 09, 2022
Starting A New Business 👀

Happy Friday,This week's newsletter is going to be a bit different. I want to share a bit about something I haven't discussed: the new business my wife and I started recently. More specifically, I thought I'd walk through the steps we took.We started...

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Aug 26, 2022
A Quick Question 🤔

Happy Friday!There are times when I've had to accept that my aptitude isn't always what I wish it was. Sort of like, I know there are a few things I'm good at even if they aren't the things I wish I was good at.For the past week, I've been feeling li...

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Aug 12, 2022
The Tooling Trap 👀

Happy Friday,At one of my clients, someone calls me about every six months to go over the same thing. They found a tool that they think will solve all the problems, only it isn't working out the way they think.This is a really common issue that pops...

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Aug 05, 2022
The Wonder of No-Code 🏝️

Happy Friday,Nothing like meetings before 9 AM to throw off your day.I always have some idea I want to try out for a business or product. Sometimes I take it seriously and validate that idea through interviews and formal experiments. Sometimes I don'...

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Jul 29, 2022
The Power of the Written Word ⚡

Happy Friday!Today I want to write about a topic that is a bit different than the ones I typically do.Maybe it's the heat getting to me.Anyway, for a while, I've been on a journey of learning a bit about the copywriting profession. I think it's truly...

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Jul 22, 2022