Is Security the Next Strategic Differentiator?

Happy Friday!As I step back a moment and look at the trends in software products over the decade or so I've been at this there are a few things that have more or less remained constant.Expectations only increaseCapabilities don'tWhat I mean is one go...

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May 20, 2022
Watch For This Pattern with CTO/CIOs 👀

Happy Friday the 13th!I was thinking about a conversation I was having about when groups do re-orgs and some articles people shared that they liked when I started thinking of all the re-orgs I've been through or helped with.Its more than I care to ad...

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May 13, 2022
Picking Your Problems 🌵

Happy Friday!I sat down at my computer this morning wondering what I'd write about today and a conversation I had with a senior leader came into my head that I'm going to share a bit about.We were talking about ideas and issues and one of the people...

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May 06, 2022
Getting Past a Performance Plateau 🗻

Happy Friday!I was working with a client and over the few months we worked together the teams went through a fairly rapid set of changes. When the dust settled, they started improving through retrospectives.For a while at least.They ultimately experi...

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Apr 29, 2022
How to Explain an Idea Quickly ⚡

Happy Friday!Hope you're doing well today. I wanted to write about a fairly specific communication technique I developed over the years.I don't have a clever name for it, but it is effective at quickly explaining an idea and getting past a lot of obj...

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Apr 22, 2022