Why I don't mock in tests 🤔

Happy Friday!I am taking a break from reading building codes to send you an email about another pretty dull seeming topic--test mocking.The building codes are because we are about to begin building a home soon and I'm going to be that guy.When people...

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Jan 21, 2022
Rituals and Piseogs ✨

Happy Friday!I bet several of you are looking at the word piseog for the first time. I bumped into it in one of my favorite books, "The Once and Future King." That book, is the retelling of the story of King Arthur. The Disney movie, "Sword in the St...

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Jan 14, 2022
A Magic Phrase that Inspires Change 🎆

Happy Friday!Hope your holidays went well and that your new year is starting off well. I personally find myself adjusting rather slowly back to a normal-ish routine.I was on a call with some clients and as it tends to happen even though my clients do...

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Jan 07, 2022
Why I Love Sprint Reviews 🎭

Happy Friday!There is a lot on my mind lately with holidays and work. I'll confess now I haven't been writing as much as I should, so as I write this I was going through a list of topics before landing on this one.Why l love sprint reviews!If we zoom...

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Nov 19, 2021