Another Small Way to Strengthen a Team 💪

Happy Friday,You probably noticed that this email is coming to you later than normal. I've been helping someone get ready for a Scrum Master certification and wrote a large list of questions and answers that I handed to the team and said, "After you'...

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Oct 08, 2021
Don't Punish the Punctual 👂

Happy Friday,I got some interesting responses from my last email where I described the two-breath rule to help make stand-ups end on time for once, and I thought I'd add one other little thing that will help.Don't punish the punctual.I learned this y...

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Oct 01, 2021
Getting Standups to Finish in 15 Minutes ⌚

Happy Friday,Everyone I've ever worked with thinks their stand-ups is a pointless status meeting. They're not, but I don't fault people for feeling that way. People have been slavishly answering 3 questions for a long time and failing to accomplish a...

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Sep 24, 2021
A Story of Pair Programming 💻💻

Hi there,I was thinking this morning back to things I attribute to excellence in my career, and I found myself remembering a story about when I was pair-programming at a company that I thought I'd share.The team I was with was regarded as the mainten...

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Sep 17, 2021
Putting Wind in Team's Sails ⛵

Happy Friday,I've found there are a few topics that many clients of mine that will create a fervent agreement to until the moment I suggest doing the work involved. One such topic is aligning teams to strategic or organizational goals.Most of the tim...

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Sep 10, 2021
Learning on the Edge 💻

Hi there,This morning I was thinking back on the importance of learning and how much of an accelerant it has been for me. Currently, I'm learning about budgeting and ways to remove its less-than-desirable effects in organizations and marketing for my...

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Sep 03, 2021
Eliminating Product-Market Risk 📈

Happy Friday!You'll notice I have a whole lot of articles below. I'm going back and editing them a bit more for syndication on a development website. They're articles with an overview of the material I walk my career clients through to get 100% inter...

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Aug 20, 2021
Looking At Horizons 🌅

Hi there,I was thinking this morning as I looked at my current situation about the nature of change and the view I have to keep bringing myself back to.There is always some far-off idea of what good looks like, a destination on the horizon almost.The...

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Aug 13, 2021
What is the Right Mix of Skills? 🍰

Hi there,Today I woke up thinking about skill liquidity. Seriously, I'm weird. Before I get into that and how you can use it, I thought I'd let you know that I spent some time this week collecting all the podcasts and recorded conferences that I've d...

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Aug 06, 2021