The book that impacted me the most.

Happy Friday!This newsletter will be short today. In the articles linked at the bottom, I wanted to mention the post on books specifically.My last client gave me very consistent feedback on how I could accomplish anything they asked for, no matter wh...

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Dec 01, 2023
Cautious Optimism About AI

Happy Friday,It's almost Thanksgiving here in the US, which means lots of planning for food and cleaning the house for guests. In fact, I'm in a hurry to get this newsletter out because I have folks coming to clean the carpet in an hour.AI is all the...

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Nov 17, 2023
What's the Next Big Thing Here? 🤔

Happy Friday,Today's email will be a bit different. Typically my emails focus on one topic, but this time I will bring up a few things.High-Performing TeamsI recently wrapped up this series, so I want to hear from you. What did you think? Were there...

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Nov 10, 2023
HBF - Case Study: Team In College? No Problem

Happy Friday,I thought it'd be fun to write a little case study from one of the teams I built. This one is unique in that I didn't follow my 3-month roadmap with them, I stretched it out for about 6 months.Some fun bits about this team are that it wa...

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Oct 27, 2023
HBT - In the Margins

Happy Friday,After looking through my last email, I thought I should maybe provide a little bit of visibility into things that I'm almost always fixing and tweaking that aren't as important as what is in the roadmap.Some of these things are about mak...

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Oct 20, 2023
HBT - Celebrate? 🎉

Happy Friday!In my last email, I wrote about the point of no return, but what happens after?Sadly, most teams will experience attrition as leaders refuse to allow the new team to continue.However, there is a moment that deserves celebration. After th...

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Oct 06, 2023
HPT - Holding Pattern plane🪢

Happy Friday,Last week, I wrote about the team reset part of my exceptional team-building roadmap. Now, let's dig into the few weeks of holding the pattern.This time period is probably the hardest for me to articulate since a lot of it is passive. Al...

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Sep 22, 2023
HPT - The Team Reset

Happy Friday,Two weeks ago, I wrote my roadmap email, and this one is a bit of a deeper dive into how I reset the teams and the 1-3 day workshop.The good news is there's a recording of a conference talk I gave breaking down this meeting in pretty ser...

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Sep 15, 2023
HPT - The Consequences of Exceptional

Happy Friday,Last week, I wrote a high-level week-by-week roadmap of my approach to building exceptional teams in 3 months. I want to now turn my attention to the consequences of having one of these teams in your organization.In my first email, I wro...

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Sep 08, 2023
HPT - My Roadmap to Exceptional Teams

Happy Friday,Continuing on from my last email, where I wrote about the attributes of exceptional teams, I'm going to write about my high-level roadmap to how I go about building exceptional teams in less than three months.Week 1 - SurveyingMy first w...

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Sep 01, 2023