Jackson or Tolkien

Who killed the Nazgul Captain, the Witch-King of Angmar?If you've seen Jackson's movies, it appears that Eowyn fights the captain and is about to take a death blow when Merry distracts him with a stab to the leg that causes him to fall to his knees....

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Mar 01, 2022
Misspent Texts

Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person?We all have. When you did, was it funny? Calamitous? Let me know.I didn't send a text to the wrong person last week, but I sent contact information that went through an interesting transmogrification. The...

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Feb 01, 2022
Fun with overblown criticism

I ask you, Is it wrong to mock the mockers? Is there no balm in satire?If past experience is any guide, some of you may be troubled by what I'm about to do. Look away, O ye of faint heart with trembling limbs. Ye brave may gird up your loins and come...

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Jan 05, 2022
Something is rotten in the USA

Something is rotten, but I'll get to that.First, if you could be the sidekick to a fictional hero, who would you choose?Would you choose a modern or historic setting?Would you choose a real world hero or someone from a sci-fi or fantasy world?Would y...

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Dec 14, 2021
The Utah road trip

What is your favorite genre for reading? Do you have more than one? Let me know.The trip to Moab was a blast.In Blanding, we stopped at the visitor's center and were directed to some books in which we read about my great, great grandfather and Posey'...

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Nov 16, 2021
Conan and Moab

I wondered if Conan had read Leviticus. Do you remember when Conan was asked what was best in life?His response is pretty well known - "To crush your enemies. See them driven before you. And to hear the lamentations of their women."It doesn't possess...

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Oct 10, 2021
The Character-Driven Story

Last month I asked, "Which is more important to you: story, character, or world building?"I came down on the side of the story. Let's look a little deeper.Many stories purport to be "character-driven." What does that mean? But FirstBefore I answer th...

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Sep 07, 2021
Story, Character, or World building

Which is more important to you: story, character, or world building?I think we can agree that story and character are the primary elements for which we read books. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that while story is not everything, it is the ma...

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Aug 24, 2021
Your favorite Shakespeare play

Do you have a favorite Shakespeare play? There are many that I quite enjoy, including Hamlet, Macbeth, Richard II, and Richard III. If you prefer them in movie form, I suggest Branagh's Hamlet, as well the first three episodes of the Hollow Crown ser...

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Jul 14, 2021
Court cases can be funny

Dear Friends, Reader, and Others,Of interest this month was an Idaho Supreme Court Opinion which contained some humorous language. I'll get to that shortly. First, if you availed yourself of the opportunity to get one or more of my ebooks for free, p...

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Jun 15, 2021