There is no fun in funeral

Sep 01, 2022 4:11 pm

I recently attended the funeral of a good friend. He died in a farming accident and is the father of one of my biggest fans. Needless to say, it was a solemn occasion. It was during this sober proceeding that I thought, "Some people leave their mark upon the world as they touch others through their faith, good nature, kindness, diligence, and service to their fellow men. Some of us write books in the hope of leaving a stain that won't scour to mark our passage through this life."

We've just finished the 6 author 5 book give-away, which featured the best combination of books I've seen so far. Congratulations to the winners, and the coveted books have been sent.

I'm warning you now that I will be doing a single book give-away of my own very soon. Look for a special letter with the entry link in a week.

Here's my quote of the week -- this from Clamorous Harbingers:

“You have asked what we believe liberty to be. I claim that liberty resides in just laws. Where law ends, tyranny begins.”

Saturday I had the good fortune to play an old game with some youngsters. The Corsican brothers were here and I dragged out the old HeroQuest game:


The ladies got back from shopping earlier than we expected so we didn't get to finish. It was promising to get more interesting as the brothers opted for the strategy of splitting up and opening doors rather than staying together for safety. That's how they got into the situation pictured where the boss bad guy has been discovered and all of the heroes are engaged in different battles. I'll relate more about that in the blog.

Book 5, of The Tomahawks and Dragon Fire series, tentatively called Truths in Flame, has crossed the 50K word mark and the road to the end of the book is laid out with only a few bridges to be burned, led to water, or taken out with one stone when I get to them.

I also have another project, which receives a little of my attention every week. It's a warrior-king tale--and that may become the official title--that is roughly outlined and the first chapter is taking shape.

Special thanks to JBudd, who has become my most prolific reviewer, having reviewed the entire T&DF series so far, as well as the stand-alones: The Shrinking Zone and Smoke.

Please take a dip into these opportunities for more books to add to your digital shelves:

Another load of free fantasy and sci-fi book.

Trails Unknown free fantasy books

And here's a short but exciting story that includes the murder of my great, great, grandfather. I've thought about writing a story about it -- but I believe a more talented, famous, and better-looking writer is including the episode in one of his books. I may wait and read his rendition.


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