One more feature of the September Celebration

Sep 15, 2022 6:02 pm

The September Celebration winner is announced below, along with a gratuity for everyone else.

Things that inspire me to create new adventures and spill them from my head onto the page are words like these emailed to me from a reader last week:

"Keep writing (in the knowledge that you make a difference to people's lives)"

My recent fiction reads have been: The Code of the Woosters by PG Wodehouse; The Cahena by Manly Wade Wellman; and Excalibur by Bernard Cornwell. Woosters was recommended by a friend. Cahena is part of my survey of Wellman's work, and Excalibur was on sale at a fraction of the normal price. It's the third book in a trilogy of which I had already read the first book. The second book remains in a price range I'm not willing to pay.

Of the three, only The Cahena was a disappointment. I've enjoyed Wellman's other works. This one, not so much.

I've also finished a couple stories in Hammet's The Continental OP. I'm nibbling at Heinlein's Time for the Stars.

I forgot to include this link to some literary swag in the last letter. Take a look now.

In non-fiction, I'm grazing on Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley, A Man Called Intrepid, Alexander Hamilton's Revolution, and...well, there is something else but I can't remember the title -- something about American Indian myths and legends.

If you're still looking for something to read and you've already read all of my books, take a look at these sci-fi and fantasy tales -- and these fantasy tales of trails unknown. Take a look even if you haven't read all of my books. I get no remuneration when you click on the links, but it does help the viability of my newsletter if you open the email and click a link--otherwise my email sender may arbitrarily label you "inactive" and decide not to include you in future emails.

The winner of the September Celebration is LaVerne in Arizona.

An autographed copy of The Shrinking Zone is headed that way.

For those of you who did not win -- I have another prize. For the September Celebration, Promise of Carnage and Flame is free on Amazon on Sept 16-17 only. It's a very limited window. Get it while you can.

Self-Improvement study I'm looking at from The Art of Manliness website on the topic of Rhetoric:

There are three types of persuasion. 1) Ethos: Establishing your credibility with the audience by your study and expertise, similar values, and honesty. 2) Pathos: The emotional appeal. 3) Logos: The appeal to reason.

Next time: The 5 Canons.

Finally, book 5 in the Tomahawks and Dragon Fire series is nearing completion. I'm looking for a skirmish team to give it a once over. Let me know if you're interested.


Honor Roll with special thanks to these subscribers:

Lois for her stunning review and heroic defense of The Shrinking Zone.

JBudd for reviews of Threading the Rude Eye, In Death Bedrenched, Power to Hurt, The Shrinking Zone, Clamorous Harbingers, and Promise of Carnage and Flame.

Colleen for leaving ratings for several of my books on Amazon.

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If you have posted a review anywhere for any of my books, let me know so that I can include you in the Honor Roll.