[reko.day] A new look 👀

May 05, 2023 2:01 pm

Happy Friday,

It's farmer's market season here, which means it probably is for a number of you and will soon be for even more. I hope you all can get out there and enjoy the experience of walking around and finding local goods and produce.

For me, this means I have got to hurry. I hope to get out to the local markets and start handing out business cards to promote reko.day, so we have lots of excited folks using the app when it launches.

By the way, as far as the app development goes, this week, I could sign up as a farmer, set up a new reko, add products, and then order them as a shopper. In other words, everything is working in a rough state except payment.

My hope is that means I'm about a month away from launching!

It also means I'm ready to start sending the application out to any of you who want to test it out before it launches. If you are interested in that, email me back at ryan@reko.day, and I can set you up!

The major update today, though, is that the reko.day site got a facelift. I used the designs and concepts from the mobile site to completely re-design how it looks. I think it looks great, and I'd love to know what you think too!

I hope this version is the one I can keep around for a while as I launch.

Check it out here.

When I write next week, I want to talk through the importance of reko creation in the app, and how you all can make or break reko.day's success. So until then, email me any thoughts or questions you've got!