Return to the Realm

Here's to five years of publishing!The anniversary of publishing my first book is always a pretty special time. I hit PUBLISH on my first book five years ago. It had 12 pre-orders, and launched pretty quietly, all things considered. I was terrified a...

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May 18, 2023
Cover Reveal for Pantheon #3

The Pantheon #3 Cover is here!Hello adventurers!I am thrilled to reveal the official ebook cover for the final book in the Pantheon Online trilogy.Pre-Order Now!If you've read my Shadow Watch books, you know I love sprawling epics. And Pantheon is no...

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May 06, 2023
Last chance for epic fantasy monthly deal

Last chance for the Kindle Monthly Deals, and a few more deals on some epic adventuresHello adventurers!We've got some great deals for you to close out the month of April. A couple of mine, and a few more from some other great fantasy authors.Two of...

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Apr 27, 2023
For anyone ready for a bingeworthy adventure

Hi there!This is a short one today. I've got a couple great deals for you. One of my own. One from another epic fantasy author. Plus a few freebies.My own deal:The Shadow Watch Saga complete boxset is a Kindle Monthly Deal in the US and CA. You can g...

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Apr 16, 2023
Get lost in your next epic adventure

A Kindle deal, and a first look at the Pantheon 3 cover art!Yes, that is the new artwork right there in the heading! The Pantheon 3 cover art is here, and I am blown away by it. The full cover design will be revealed soon, but that illustration says...

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Apr 07, 2023
The Second Pantheon Online Audiobook is OUT NOW

It’s Audio Release Time!I’m hard at work on the third and final book in the Pantheon Online series, but I’m coming out of my writing cave to announce that the audio for the second Pantheon Online book is now live! Narrated by the outstanding Christia...

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Mar 16, 2023
A New Year, A New Book, and a Look Ahead

Happy New Year!I hope the first month of 2023 has treated you well. If you’re into resolutions, I hope they’re still going strong. I always find this time of year a good one to reflect and look ahead. I wrote a much longer Year in Review post on my w...

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Jan 30, 2023
Thanks for an incredible launch

Rogue Assassin is off to an excellent start!Thanks so much for helping kick this one off well! It's always nerve-wracking, but also super exciting, to publish a book and wait for the early responses to start trickling in. I'm thrilled that you enjoye...

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Jan 07, 2023
Rogue Assassin is here

Pantheon Book #2 is OUT NOW (and Book #1 is $0.99 this week in US and UK)I’m thrilled to announce that Rogue Assassin, the sequel to Den of Thieves, is now available in ebook and print. And Christian Gilliland will start recording the audio in Januar...

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Dec 29, 2022
Rogue Assassin is out now

It's alive!Thanks so much for being a part of my advanced reading team. I hope you've been enjoying the holiday season and reading Book 2 of Pantheon Online. I am thrilled to announce that Rogue Assassin is now live on Amazon!If you didn't get a chan...

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Dec 27, 2022