Want reko.day to feature your recipe?

Happy Friday!As you know, at reko.day, we are all about fresh local produce. Well, I was thinking that as reko.the day grows, and farmer's markets start, wouldn't it be great if we had some recipes to share that turned those wonderful local ingredien...

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Apr 05, 2024
[reko.day] Eating in season

Happy Friday!I have a confession. I'm not a farmer or gardener. In fact, I kill quite a lot of plants I touch. I'm working on that. In fact, I have several trays of seeds I started this month and I already feel like I've conquered the world now that...

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Mar 22, 2024
[reko.day] reko.day is about farmers 🌽🌻

Happy Friday!Back in January I attended the North American Honeybee Expo in Kentucky. I'm a beekeeper, and this was my first time going to a convention.On the vendor floor, people were buying everything from all-natural beeswax lip balms to industria...

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Mar 15, 2024
📱 reko.day 1.1.1 is available!

Happy Friday!This is Ryan with reko.day and I wanted to let you know that the newest version of reko.day is available!Here's what I've changed:Made it a lot easier to create reko (Pickup location/times)Fixed a few bugs related to authentication and u...

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Mar 08, 2024
[reko.day] Want a free subscription for reko.day?

Happy Friday!When I started reko.day I knew a day was coming that I would dread. That day is here. It's the day I stop focusing on building the app and start making the world aware of it.Don't get me wrong, it's exciting too. I've talked to so many p...

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Feb 16, 2024
[reko.day] Notifications are in!

Happy Friday, Well, I don't know about you, but whenever I think I have time to finish some things, it turns out I have the least time. My focus was wrapping up the notifications for the app, and I think they are all set. I need to run a few more t...

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Feb 09, 2024
[reko.day] I'd love to eat healthier but how?

Happy Friday!Envision this... Your workday is over, and you know that before you head home, you need to pick up some groceries. You made a commitment to healthier food for yourself and your family this year, and your phone's GPS is ready to take you...

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Feb 02, 2024
[reko.day] I'm Bad at This

Happy Friday,You know how there are things you're really good at, some related things you're good at, and distant things you're bad at? I'm working on some distant things, and I'm bad at it.In particular, I've been working on notifications. I mention...

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Jan 26, 2024
[reko.day] Honey and Notifications?

Happy Friday!This past week, I was at a beekeeping convention. I learned a lot of things and talked with a lot of folks, too.In particular, I talked with all of the vendors selling honey.I asked them the questions I ask most folks like this:How do yo...

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Jan 12, 2024
[reko.day] A new year deserves a new way to buy food.

Happy Friday!First, let me wish you a happy holidays. I hope you've enjoyed some delicious food, enjoyed friends and family, and maybe even got some rest.Second, thank you to everyone who downloaded reko.day! These earliest days are the hardest since...

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Dec 29, 2023