[reko.day] I'd love to eat healthier but how?

Feb 02, 2024 4:05 pm

Happy Friday!

Envision this... Your workday is over, and you know that before you head home, you need to pick up some groceries. You made a commitment to healthier food for yourself and your family this year, and your phone's GPS is ready to take you there.

You pull into your destination and see others walking around from car to car, putting packages of fruit and vegetables in their bags. You grab your phone and pull up your orders. You go from car to car, showing your code to each farmer who greets you by name and hands you your peppers, lettuce, carrots, apples, kale, and a new green you've never tried.

Within minutes, you've got your bag full of all the fruits and vegetables you need for the week, and you're ready to go home.

Only you don't. Not today. Today, you'd like to catch up a bit with the people you've met who all come to this reko week after week. So you do. You talk to a few of the farmers, and they tell you about their family and what they hope to grow next season. You catch up with a few other shoppers who tell you how their week is going and share a few ideas on how to cook that new green you have.

What started as a few minutes to pick up your local fruit and vegetables turned into 45 minutes of catching up with new friends, and the idea that you needed to make one more stop on the way home doesn't feel so bad anymore. When you look at the clock, you realize that this is still faster than going to the store.

reko.day is about more than just buying fruits and vegetables. It's about buying local and the community of folks around you. It's about the convenience of pickup options and the ability to pay through the app and directly supporting farmers.

It's everything local in one convenient app, and it's ready for download.


Ryan Latta

PS: Let me know what you think of this email. It was fun to write, but a bit different than my normal ones. Just reply back with your thoughts. I read every email I get.