[reko.day] Notifications are in!

Feb 09, 2024 3:35 pm

Happy Friday,

Well, I don't know about you, but whenever I think I have time to finish some things, it turns out I have the least time.

My focus was wrapping up the notifications for the app, and I think they are all set. I need to run a few more tests before putting the new version in the app store, but I have in-app (Push) notifications and emails working.

Why did I do notifications now? Well, imagine you've ordered some awesome-looking stuff in Reko.day, but the farmer you're buying from gets sick. They hop in and skip all their orders for the week, including yours. Without notifications, you'd have no idea this happened unless you paid very close attention to the app itself. Now, you'll get a little notification and email telling you what happened.

If you're a farmer, these notifications will matter even more. You'd find out when you get an order, when your pickup was rescheduled, or when refunds were requested. Each one of these will help you stay on top of what you need to get ready for the week without having to be in the app all the time.

While notifications have been the focus of building the app, it isn't the only thing going on. I'm getting ready to start marketing reko.day to two markets. My brother-in-law graciously offered to help me with social media, and now we have accounts set up on every social network. I'll share all of those below.

I also reworked the reko.day home page to hopefully be clearer as to what reko.day is and why it's worth a download.

Finally, I got back to editing some of those videos. My next major concern is how easy it is for farmers and others to get started in the app. While I think the app is simple enough, so much of the activity happens outside of the app at pickups or preparing orders. So, I thought some videos would help folks get comfortable and have another way to figure out the concept.

Watch the Intro Video

Watch the shopping with reko.day video

And now for our social media:



Facebook (Coming soon).