when less is much more

,Today is February 16th as I type this, and I've just watched a video of another online business that shut down.The business had rapid growth, such that in less than 2 years, it was making over $2 million.Unfortunately, anxiety, heart palpitations, a...

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Feb 17, 2024
got a minute? your input is needed

Hey 👋🏾If you're like me, you get a lot of emails. Some of which you totally ignore.I don't want my emails to you to go unnoticed and useless because they're irrelevant to you.As a part of my community, your voice is so valuable to me.I've been ponde...

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Feb 06, 2024
the lie of personal branding

Personal UpdatesHey ,A couple of updates from me:I just took up a challenge to build a product in public throughout February. I will be tweeting about it daily. Follow me on X.I'm going to be creating a simple tool to help people with multiple skills...

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Jan 27, 2024
Integrate your day job with your passions

The CORRECT way to integrate your day job with your passionsA few days ago, I read a post from one of the proponents of building in public, and he is winding down his main program and going back to getting a full-time job. (If you don't know what tha...

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Dec 23, 2023
balancing my job and entreprenuership

Hey ,Having a full-time job while running a business on the side is quite an experience. It’s like a fight to create this rhythmic balance, doing one without losing a grip on the other.For me, working as a UX designer while nurturing my entrepreneuri...

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Dec 09, 2023
Catching up & reconnecting

Hey ,It's been a while since we last connected, and I wanted to update you on some exciting changes in my life and work.Life Update:These past two years have brought a whole lot of change and adventure.I moved to a new countryI welcomed my second chi...

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Nov 25, 2023
What do you want this year?

You've spent the last 20 days of this year doing something.Whether meaningful...Relevant...Or engages your soul and spirit...Question is: this thing you've been 'doing', what do you want to get out of it?It's also a question I've been asking.And as a...

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Jan 20, 2022
Merry Christmas to you {{contact.first_name}}

Dear ,Thank you for staying through with us this yearThank you for your supportWe value the opportunity to serve you And we look forward to doing more with you in the future.Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year in advan...

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Dec 25, 2021
Wealth and Wellbeing - New Series

Hi there, Here's my weekly update for Oct 18, 2021... 🎥 Wealth and Wellbeing - New Series Join the Wealth and Wellbeing masterclass series:https://dayosamuel.com/wealth-wellbeing/First session starts this month....

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Oct 22, 2021