when less is much more

,Today is February 16th as I type this, and I've just watched a video of another online business that shut down.The business had rapid growth, such that in less than 2 years, it was making over $2 million.Unfortunately, anxiety, heart palpitations, a...

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Feb 17, 2024
got a minute? your input is needed

Hey 👋🏾If you're like me, you get a lot of emails. Some of which you totally ignore.I don't want my emails to you to go unnoticed and useless because they're irrelevant to you.As a part of my community, your voice is so valuable to me.I've been ponde...

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Feb 06, 2024
the lie of personal branding

Personal UpdatesHey ,A couple of updates from me:I just took up a challenge to build a product in public throughout February. I will be tweeting about it daily. Follow me on X.I'm going to be creating a simple tool to help people with multiple skills...

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Jan 27, 2024
Integrate your day job with your passions

The CORRECT way to integrate your day job with your passionsA few days ago, I read a post from one of the proponents of building in public, and he is winding down his main program and going back to getting a full-time job. (If you don't know what tha...

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Dec 23, 2023