I started a new podcast (as live video)

Mar 23, 2024 8:07 pm


Hey ,

After a lot of dillydallying, I have bitten the bullet

I launched a new podcast show today on YouTube

Over the course of my life, I have been a professional in many disciplines.

And by professional, I mean being trained and, in some cases, certified.

If I unarchive a lot of my posts on my social media or website, you will find an array of interests I have explored over the years.

From pastoral leadership to youth ministry to blogging to podcasting to...

Major timelines in my life and the skills most dominant in that phase of my life:

2002 - 2006: graphic design and music

2006 - 2014: pastoral leadership, brand consulting and strategy

2014 - 2017: podcast consulting / platform-building

2016: life coaching

2017: research, Neuroscience / neurotheology / neuromarketing

2018 - 2021: therapy / family life coaching

2021 - 2022: crypto and Web3

2022 - now: design? Maybe not!

In all of these different movements, one thing was constant: I wanted to grow and improve myself.

And that's my lesson for you today:

  • Grow through what you go through: Since many of my subscribers are in 3 categories: jack-of-all-trades, in-betweens, and specialists, depending on the category you identify with, the tendency to look at the others as not growing may exist. The thing is we don't grow the same way. Some are rapid, some are slow. Both are better than none.
  • A blockade in one direction is not the end of it all: This lesson is more apparent in the fact that there are dozens of things I've tried that did not succeed over the years. But I'm always saying, "We moooove!!!" So if you encounter obstacles as you're mastering yourself or your craft, know that's somehow a part of the journey.

Anyway, back to the podcast...

I am bringing all my experiences together to address the unique challenges of being multi-skilled in a world that often values niche specialization.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Overcome Personal Barriers: We'll tackle personal mastery together, guiding you through conquering fears and doubts, and empowering you with confidence and courage.
  • Define Your Superpowers: Discover your unique value as I help you uncover and harness your Wow, Why, Wit, and Wisdom.
  • Develop Signature Systems: Drawing on two decades of experience, I'll share insights to help you establish a distinct voice and strategy, positioning you as a thought leader.
  • Create market-ready products: Learn to transform your expertise into digital products that captivate and convert, across various platforms.

Join Me Live:

I invite you to be part of the journey, not just as a listener but as a participant.

Join me live on the show in Q&A sessions where we can explore these topics together, in real time.

By next week, I will setup the system to allow you to join me live every week as a participant (not just a viewer).

Till then, remember...

We are work in progress!

Live courageously,


Dayo Samuel