The Catch-22 of Summer for Authors & Readers

Summer has this image to maintain which basically boils down to one word... FREEDOM!!!!Freedom from school. Freedom from work (aka - vacations). Freedom from all the things we get caught up from fall thru spring (work, school, obligations).It's a tim...

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Aug 02, 2022
Welcome Aboard!

Hi! I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for signing up for my newsletter via the Michelle A. Bailey's Enemies to Lovers Romance NL Builder Giveaway! If you enjoy enemies to lovers romance (particularly paranormal/fantasy romance), the...

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Jul 11, 2022
Reader Party Fun Times - Events this weekend!

As usual, I'm late to the game... in this case, the party! I completely forgot to send the party invitations in Tuesday's newsletter so I apologize for multiple emails this week but I didn't want anyone to miss out on the fun.Tomorrow (Friday, 7/8/20...

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Jul 07, 2022