Fill your E-Reader with over 1,000 books!

 Dear Readers,  Today there are over 1,000 books FREE in the Fill You E-Reader event. The book I have in the event is Doc: Veterans of ValhallaHope you find lots to read,RJGrab Doc FREECheck out all the other free books________________...

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Jun 30, 2023
Dax is live and available on KU!

 Dear Readers,  This weekend was truly bittersweet. As we celebrated our wedding anniversary, we received the news we’d been expecting, but dreading. My husband’s grandmother passed away. Grammy was ninety-three years young and one of...

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Jun 19, 2023
Cover reveal and...

 Dear Readers,  Thank you for the unwavering support you have showered upon me as I navigated through some turbulent waters in the past few years. From brain surgery to constant moves around the country, it’s been a chaotic time. Your encou...

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Jun 16, 2023
A Valhalla Proposal is Live and in KU!

Dear Friends, It has been far too long since a Valhalla story unfolded. A Valhalla Proposal is a look forward into some of our favorite couple’s relationships. It also introduces you deeper to a few others. Discover the relationship Dax has with...

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May 20, 2023
Veterans of Valhalla are on $ale

I am so excited to share with you that the Veterans of Valhalla are on sale! I have joined up with a group of amazing authors to offer a series sale.The Veterans of Valhalla Box Set One is on sale for $2.99 Romeo...

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May 16, 2023
Cover Reveal!

Paisley shivered with anticipation as she felt Dax's hot breath on the back of her neck. She knew that he would never cross her boundaries, yet the thrill of the unknown and the fear of being punished made her heart race.  Welcome back to V...

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May 05, 2023
Stuff Your Ereader Event - One Day Only

Hello Bibliophiles! This newsletter is full of free reads for you. I have a story in a free anthology, Romance with Curves. Grab your copy HERE! I also have 3 free reads from author friends.And I am taking part in the Stuff Your E-reader Event....

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Mar 31, 2023
Mother's Day at Rawhide and what's next?

Aloha! Happy May! I hope this month has been as good to you as it has to me! It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful here on Oahu. I credit the weather and the atmosphere for reenergizing me! I will have several books available, soon! Sta...

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May 22, 2021
The Rawhide family continues to grow

Hello Bibliophiles!I am so excited to share with you that we are having a big party in Gray’s Bibliophiles to celebrate reaching one thousand members. On May 1st, we have over thirty authors signed up to play games, talk about their books and give aw...

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Apr 20, 2021
Inside are books just in time for St Patrick's Day!

Aloha!Three days ago, my family moved to the breathtaking state of Hawaii. We are residing on the island of Oahu. Oahu is the island where the state capital, Honolulu is. We have been staying in a hotel in Honolulu while we search for a home for the...

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Mar 10, 2021