The Rawhide family continues to grow

Apr 20, 2021 9:00 am


Hello Bibliophiles!

I am so excited to share with you that we are having a big party in Gray’s Bibliophiles to celebrate reaching one thousand members. On May 1st, we have over thirty authors signed up to play games, talk about their books and give away cool prizes, gift cards and sneak peeks into upcoming releases. I will be giving you a look into my new book, “His for the Keeping.”

imageMeet Chief Petty Officer Shane O’Brien, the youngest of the O'Brien boys. He will be taking you on a ride to Valhalla in Dark Vows, A Mafia Bride Anthology come June!

You may remember meeting Phantom in the Dirty Daddies 2020 anthology. He was injured in my book, "Her Navy Seal Ex."

Phantom has since been medically discharged from the military and set up a sanctuary of sorts, a community for fellow veterans to live together between leaving the military and going full civilian. This community is called Valhalla.

There are a lot of interesting men who reside in Valhalla. A dog handler, a bomb technician, a cowboy rancher, a few government contractors, a police detective, a builder, an IT specialist, the leader of a veteran's motorcycle club, the owner of an exclusive BDSM club and many more... including this hottie.

When active-duty Navy Seal Shane O'Brien takes leave to attend his oldest brother's wedding, he never imagines he will be thrust into position as the leader of the one of the most powerful mafioso families in the world. Nor, that personal tragedy will force him into marriage with the youngest daughter from a rival family. Come to find out, she isn't exactly thrilled by the arrangement either.

"Letting me live was a mistake - one they won’t live long enough to regret.”


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Have you seen these new arrivals yet?

imageThe youngest son of the Atheron family, Elias has been a huge disappointment to his overbearing parents, particularly his mother. He’s done everything right, including relocating to another state to head up the office in the newest addition to the family party business, but it still never seems enough. She now wants him to come home for Easter, to reunite with an old flame, which he refuses to do. This Easter he has the chance to make Little Delights, his own party planning service for Littles, into the premier party planning service for the age-play community. Derek Hawkins has hired him to plan an Easter Jamboree for his Little girl and the rest of the Littles who call the Rawhide Ranch their home.

Willem William is past the age of playing. As the financial adviser for the Rawhide Ranch, he spends his days studying spreadsheets, trends, and making suggestions to secure the future of the Hawkins family. Nearing his golden birthday, he assumes his dream of having his own Little is just that. Which is why he never expects the boy to walk into his life under the guise of an accident-prone party planner. But once he catches a glimpse of the Little boy Eli tries to hide, he’s smitten. Now all he has to do is convince Eli that what he needs is a good old-fashioned daddy for Easter.

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imageForced for years to live out his darkest, filthiest fantasies in the books he secretly writes, taking a new job as a writing instructor at Rawhide Ranch quickly becomes the best of both worlds for Professor Dalton Rogers.

When he meets Emily Vaughn, the Ranch's resident bookworm, suddenly the chance to experience first-hand everything he's only ever just written about becomes too much temptation to resist.

When fantasy meets reality, will they both get the experience of their dreams?

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Other new releases by author friends

imageShe’s in desperate need of a daddy.

This girl needs a daddy.

She’s a walking—singing off key—beauty. 

My gut is telling me to take her under my wing.

And over my knee…

Everything in me wants to be her daddy; 

This adorable girl who needs a harsh dose of discipline, a reality check…

And a firm hand to guide her.

I spend the weekend getting her back on track, 

The sparks between us ignite,

Leaving me burning for more.

I’ll give her a birthday she’ll never forget…

And make her my babygirl. 

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