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Jun 16, 2023 1:50 pm


 Dear Readers,


Thank you for the unwavering support you have showered upon me as I navigated through some turbulent waters in the past few years. From brain surgery to constant moves around the country, it’s been a chaotic time. Your encouragement and enthusiasm have been the driving force behind my continued publishing, and I cannot thank you enough for being such amazing readers. Every review left on my books, every email, and every social media comment helps! Thank you!


I am excited for Dax to go live on Monday. I have poured my heart and soul into this series, and I am filled with joy every time another couple has their story told. The journey from conception to completion is always the most exciting of rollercoaster rides, and I sincerely hope that their stories resonate with you just as much as they do with me. Dax showed his Daddy tendencies in book one, Phantom, and Paisley is his perfect little girl. It is not too late to preorder! If you preorder today, Dax will be automatically delivered to your e-reader as soon as it goes live. I hope this sneak peek captures you and leaves you eagerly anticipating Dax!


I also have a surprise for you! Ox is the next book in the Valhalla Series. We got to know him a bit better in A Valhalla Proposal. He’s a war hero struggling with PTSD and worth issues after six combat deployments. Now, he is in charge of all the construction projects on Valhalla and has fallen in love with Kerri, the bank loan officer, who has the final say on the loan applicants.


Once again, please accept my deepest gratitude for your continuous support. It is your dedication that keeps me inspired and motivated to keep writing. I am truly blessed to have such an incredible community of readers and friends.


Stay tuned for more updates, teasers, and exciting announcements in the coming weeks. Your support means the world to me, and I cannot wait to share Dax and Ox with you!



NSFW Teaser from Dax


           “Stop! Stop right now! Stop it!” Paisley’s screams fell on deaf ears. “You’re hurting me! Please, stop!” her begging continued.

           “I mean it! You can’t do this to me! It hurts too much! You have to stop!”

           Detective Dax Allard merely chuckled as his captive tried to get away from him, squirming as violently as she could over his knees.

           With a swift toss of his right leg over her two flailing limbs, and an especially harsh swat to her sit spot, he settled her back down. Moving forward slightly, Paisley Hall’s shapely bottom rose in the air, giving him better access to the crease where her bottom met her legs.

           “That’s enough, Paisley Anne. Take your spanking like the good girl you are.”

           Targeting the sensitive skin of her upper thighs, his hand fell unrelenting, despite her pleas for mercy. “If we didn’t both know how badly you needed this spanking, Sweet Pea, I might have stopped already. You put up such a good fight.”

           His heart ached more than the sting in his palm as he paddled her behind. Listening closely for her safeword, he gave Paisley what she needed, what she came to him for. Once a week, she showed up at his house, sometimes in little space, sometimes not. Regardless of her headspace, she needed her weekly spanking. The session acted to both clear her conscience and give her an emotional release.

Twenty minutes before, she’d sat across from him and spilled her guts, confessing all the transgressions she’d committed. Then, as he’d done every week for the last six months, he’d sent her to the corner to think about her misdeeds.

           Sweet Paisley.

           She’d stand there with her pants and underwear around her ankles, her hands folded neatly on her head. The picture of submission.

           He’d spent the last six months getting to know her. He watched as she took the emotional hardships of the rest of the world on her shoulders day after day. As a therapist, she helped people, including his best friend, work through their problems before going home to an empty house at night. Dax admired Paisley’s big side. She worked hard to grow a successful business.

They’d become play partners at The Citadel after having been introduced by several mutual friends. Dax’s best friends were Daddies or Dominants of Paisley’s girlfriends; they often spent time together socially. Dax recognized Paisley as a little right off the bat, but neither of them were in a place where they could pursue a relationship. She told him how she was a little without a Daddy of her own, and how she watched her friends pair off, one couple after another. He was proud of her for the positive attitude she kept, she never complained, never let jealousy or ugliness in. Instead, she’d approached him with a friends-with-spanking-benefits proposal. He would Daddy her one afternoon a week to help fulfill her unmet needs.

At the time of their arrangement, Dax was healing from a breakup with a toxic ex-girlfriend, and Paisley wanted to set up her new office and as she’d told him several times in the last half a year, she wanted to establish herself in town before complicating her life with a relationship.

Instead of a committed, monogamous relationship they found in each other a safe place to have their needs met. The Dungeon at The Citadel offered a perfect location for their sessions. Once a week, they’d meet and negotiate a scene. Dax would have an hour to play Daddy with a little, and Paisley would get the much sought after release of a good spanking, tears and all. Jay ran The Citadel with an iron fist. Dungeon monitors, safe words, yearly retraining sessions, and all. There couldn’t be a safer place for them. To top it off, after each session, their friends would be on the other side of the door to hang out with.

 However, after a couple of months of playing together at The Citadel, they’d grown tired of the buzzing bright lights and coldness of the private rooms. Their friends meant well but they started to pressure them, especially the women, wanting to set them up on dates, trying to manipulate them into seeing each other more.

Together they made the decision to move their sessions to his house on Sunday afternoons away from the all-seeing eyes of the littles.

The first Sunday after, they sat down and agreed on a few stipulations moving forward.

They’d keep feelings out of it.

           It would be a strictly platonic situation.

           Friends with spanking benefits.

           If either of them started to catch feelings for the other, they’d talk about it and end their relationship. Their friendship was clearly prioritized over their sessions.

           Dax was honored to give Paisley a safe space to let her little side out, even if it lasted only an hour a week. He could physically see the weight being lifted off of her after a good, hard, cathartic spanking. Often he found himself biting his tongue when she’d confess her misdeeds. When he became her Daddy, he’d set rules for her to keep her from committing several of the same mistakes week after week and help her to stop beating herself up. But he’d reminded himself often he wasn’t her Daddy. They promised each other it wouldn’t be more; it wouldn’t go past this agreement.

Until a week ago. The Fifth Anniversary Party at The Citadel. His hand landed a real discipline spanking on her behind. As brief as it might have been, they both felt the difference.

It was time he moved forward with his plan. His feelings were no longer of the friends with benefits variety. He wanted Paisley as his little and he needed to know if she wanted the same. For the first time since they’d started their arrangement, he spanked her over his knee. The intimacy of the position was not lost on either of them.

He smiled, knowing she couldn’t see it, at her theatrics. Little Paisley could put on a show, especially during a spanking. It made him feel good, knowing she trusted him enough to be her authentic self around him.

           He raised his palm and brought it sharply down on her untouched upper thighs. The quick peppering against the sensitive skin worked to settle her down. After a dozen hard targeted swats, she collapsed over his thighs, her breath coming in little gasps. His smarting palm rested on the heat radiating from her behind.

           “Shhhh. It’s okay, Paisley. All done, now, Sweet Pea.” He rubbed small circles on her back as she cried over his knees. Slowly, he released her trapped legs and sit her up, pulling her into his arms. Cuddling her against his chest, he ran his fingers through her hair and kissed her forehead softly. “I’m proud of you. You took your spanking so well, didn’t you?”

           Every Sunday he said those words to her. And every Sunday she would look up at him with her big brown eyes, brimming with tears and stammer back, “yes, Sir,” making his heart clench.

           This Sunday, his heart stopped beating altogether at the sound of the words falling from her sweet lips.

           “Yes, Daddy.”

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Cover Reveal


No one is too broken to be loved.


Kerri Allen enjoyed her job as a financial advisor/loan specialist at the bank - until she denied a home loan to a customer and becomes the target of his sinister obsession. When the threats escalate, Kerri reluctantly accepts help from Warren Cox - aka "Ox", a former special forces operator.

They had been friends since he’d repaired her flooded house, now she was in danger, and all he can think about. Despite Ox’s fears of being unworthy, their friendship blossoms into something more.


Kerri and Ox must unravel the identity of the stalker before it's too late. Will they be successful in time to protect Kerri from becoming a victim of his sinister plans?


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He was a Navy SEAL, a damn good one.

It was all he knew how to be, until the fateful day that changed everything.

Jackson Archer's life, and the lives of the men under his command, was changed forever that day in Tripoli. Medically discharged from the SEALs and silenced by a corrupt mission commander, he sinks into a deep depression.

Until reporter Annica Lawson starts asking questions.

She seems to know all about what happened that day—to him, Tansy, Jasper, and Matthias. Things Jackson's never told anyone outside of his command. The sexy reporter awakens things in Jackson, things he thought were maybe dead for good.

Annica offers them a chance to tell their story, to clear their names. But is she really after the truth, or is she working for those who want to silence them for good?

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