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Jun 19, 2023 8:01 pm


 Dear Readers,


This weekend was truly bittersweet. As we celebrated our wedding anniversary, we received the news we’d been expecting, but dreading. My husband’s grandmother passed away. Grammy was ninety-three years young and one of my all-time favorite people. She left a legacy behind that I can only hope to leave half of. Grammy had 6 sons, 9 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild but always made me feel like I was her only granddaughter, the most special and unique. I truly hope everyone has someone in their lives like my Grammy. If you are following my FB page, you will see a couple of tributes I’ve written about her.


Every time I visited her, she would say, “You are the best thing that ever happened to that boy.” She would tell my husband he was her grandson by birth but I was her granddaughter by love. Grammy collected each one of my books. Sometimes, when writing a sex scene or a spanking scene, I would shake my head, imagining her reading it. We never discussed the books other than her telling me, “I’m your biggest fan and very proud of you.” I will miss sending her my “salacious stories.” Dax is the first book she won’t be alive to collect, but I think I will still keep a copy aside for her.


"Dax: Veterans of Valhalla," has finally been released and is now live! Like the rest of my books, Dax is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.


Writing this book, my goal was to make it the best yet in Valhalla. With each book I pen, my goal is to get better. I have heard your feedback and Dax is longer than A Valhalla Proposal. Next year, when I release my spinoff series, the books will be longer, but they will be released further apart to account for the lengths.


I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for your continued support. You are all an integral part of my writing journey. Your enthusiasm, feedback, and encouragement have been invaluable to me throughout this creative process, and I can't thank you enough for being there every step of the way.


As an author, one of the greatest joys is to see readers engage with my work and to witness how the story resonates with you.


The reviews for Dax are starting to come in. You will see me commenting and liking them on Goodreads and sharing them on my social media and promo posts. Your reviews and ratings not only provide me with valuable insights but also help other potential readers discover the world I've poured my heart into. If you enjoy "Dax: Veterans of Valhalla," I would be incredibly grateful if you could leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads, or any other book-related websites you frequent. I love seeing the “Now Reading” Graphics on Insta, Tiktok, and Facebook. They make me smile!


Your reviews and recommendations play an essential role in connecting my novel with readers who may also like my stories. The reviews are an intrinsic part of my success, and I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write them. I know everyone is really busy. They don’t go unnoticed.


Once again, I extend my sincerest appreciation for your support and for being an essential part of my writing journey. It is because of readers like you that I continue to pour my heart and soul into my books.


I truly hope you enjoy reading Dax as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am already hard at work on Ox.




imageWe were friends with benefits until Paisley slipped up and called me Daddy. Suddenly, all bets were off.

Paisley had always put her business first, and I valued our friendship too much to complicate things. But our agreement to keep things casual couldn't prepare us for the rush of feelings that followed her slip of the tongue.

As a homicide detective, I know how to follow the evidence to solve a crime. And the evidence is clear: I want more from Paisley. I want to hear her sweet lips call me Daddy again and again. As a Navy SEAL, I'm used to fighting for what I want, and I won't let anything, including a serial killer with her in his sight, stand in the way of making her mine.

If you like Romantic Suspense with passionate, protective, former military heroes who like to take charge, steamy romance, and happily ever after, this series is for you.

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He’d been hired to protect her. She never expected to find love while on the run.

Samantha is a steamy romance author who has acquired a stalker. The police won’t do anything until the stalker does more than threaten. Coming home after a day out shopping in London, she knew someone had been in her home. Catching the first flight out of London, she lands in Chicago and finds her way to Cerberus.

Kingston is assigned to protect the beautiful, curvy author. Sparks fly as the chemistry between them intensifies, and soon they find themselves on the edge of an all-consuming passion. But, when danger rises from the shadows claiming one of their own, Kingston will have to risk everything to keep her safe. No matter the cost.

Welcome to Club Southside, where mercenaries are driven and deadly, and romance sizzles. If you love intrigue and romance 1-Click The Scoundrel today!

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