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Jun 30, 2023 1:21 pm



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Today there are over 1,000 books FREE in the Fill You E-Reader event. The book I have in the event is Doc: Veterans of Valhalla

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imageDaddy’s is not the only one who notices how special Violet is…

A well-respected professor, Violet Davis.

I had all but given up hope of finding a man, a Daddy, who would respect me professionally and cherish my little side. Someone I didn’t have to hide who I really am from. Then I ran into Professor Etienne Martin and he showed me what a patient and caring Daddy he could be.

Will the anonymous texts alluding to my private little side ruin everything?

A famous nature photographer, Etienne Martin.

I returned home to the small town of Pinetree to take up the position of assistant professor of photography at the local college. I needed to distance myself from the phony littles who only wanted me for my status and wealth.

I never expected the perfect little girl to bounce into a faculty meeting and introduce herself as the history of photography professor, Violet Davis. But I’m not the only one who notices how special Professor Davis is.

Can Daddy protect Violet from a crazed stalker and learn to love again?

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imageHe's willing to wait however long it takes to make her his. She's already waited a lifetime to find him. And now she's just about out of patience.

After a tragically failed relationship and fifteen years of sobriety, Clint Jamison is finally happy with his life just as it is.

The last thing he's looking for is to play the knight in shining armor to a sweet, broken sub with wide blue eyes and curves for days. But when a scene in his club goes horribly wrong, Clint steps in to do exactly that.

And falls headfirst into everything he's been doing his damndest to avoid.

So even though Clint aches to see the gorgeous blonde kneeling at his feet, and his palm positively itches to give her the discipline she so obviously needs, he's determined to give Nora the space she deserves to heal from the wounds left by the man who nearly destroyed her.

But Clint's own insecurities about his past have him doubting every move he makes, and if he waits too long to claim her, he risks losing Nora forever.

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imageA man doesn’t know the meaning of “all in, all the time” until he comes face to face with the love of his life.

Taj Hovick is the owner and founder of Carcharodon Security, and he’s damn pleased he can provide a place for his employees and his former teammates to live their most authentic lives, as well as a safe haven for their partners while they’re away on missions. What he’s not in the business of is providing a refuge for strays.

Jolene Graves is on the run from her abusive boyfriend and is taking a breather in an abandoned cabin she lucked into on her way to Anchorage. They aren’t the nicest digs but they’ll do until she can pick up the pieces and be on her way.

When Enclave’s pilot informs Taj he may have a squatter, he goes to suss out the situation and finds himself at the business end of his own pump-action shotgun. Will he stand his ground and take the dishy intruder down, or will he take her under his burly wing or perhaps over his thickset thigh for a sound spanking? Jolene’s a hellcat for sure but maybe she’d purr for the right man…

Daddy’s Little Wildcat is a standalone novel in the Frontier Daddies series. It features a feisty little girl who’s down but not out and knows how to rack a shell in short order, and a former Navy SEAL who may look like a brute but has a weakness for littles in need of a soft place to land.

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