how to love your pelvic floor? 💗

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!!Whether or not you celebrate this holiday, know that I love all of my clients and I'm celebrating you!! (cheesy enough? 💗😎) When I asked you on Instagram whether today's email should be about how to love your pelvic fl...

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Feb 14, 2024
Midwinter Movement

Hi everyone!I'm just sitting down at my desk with a hot cup of coffee after a walk outside and thinking about motivation, movement, and mindfulness. Likely because I motivated myself to go take a walk by telling myself I'd make a coffee when I came b...

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Feb 09, 2024
Could minimal shoes improve leaking?

Hi everyone!Happy February!! It's beautifully sunny here, but has not been out of the negatives for too long, in my opinion. As much as I love the clear skies, doing errands and normal life in -24ºf is not my favorite. Only a few more months until sp...

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Feb 01, 2024
From a cane & stem cell treatment to thriving

Happy Friday, friends!Somehow this is the first newsletter of 2024!! It's been a full month already and we're not even halfway through January. I've been so enjoying being back in the in-person group class setting, and my clients are making phenomena...

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Jan 12, 2024
Goodbye 2023

Hi friends,Happy almost new year!! 🎇 What a year it's been. I just wanted to say thank you for being here, being a part of my community, and supporting me and my small business.I always like to reflect on life when December 31st rolls around. In 2023...

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Jan 01, 2024
2023 Intentional Holiday Gift Guide

Here’s my super simple and intentional gift guide that is low-clutter for your friends who also don’t want excess stuff in their homes. Consumables are ALWAYS a great idea, because you know they will be enjoyed and not create any excess clutter when...

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Dec 14, 2023