Instagram LogoA little late night art session? 🖌Sound on 📣 Hopefully this visual is helpful for why foot-shaped footwear matters. And this is just the tip of the iceberg…I didn’t even talk about raised heels or flexible soles. 😅 I could talk all night about this. We were not born to be standing on stiff ramps all day, if that gives you any indication of how I feel. Maybe pull out a paper and marker and try this for yourself. Once you trace around your foot, place your shoe on top and see if there’s any marker outside the bounds of your shoe. 👢If there is, your shoes are too narrow for your feet. That’s as simple as it gets, folks. This is a great way to test shoes in the store too, or when buying for your kids. If you’re realizing that you need some more minimal shoes, look at Katy Bowman’s blog and search “shoes.” She’s got a huge list of lots of brands for all types of weather and occasions. @anyasreviews is a great place to start too! Beware of those socks in the house. Not only do they narrow your toes, but they inhibit the big toe press off that we need for hip extension, glute activation, and a myriad of other responses in our body that are needed for proper gait. If you’re sliding around in your socks, you aren’t using your feet to their full potential. Get grippy socks that have toes built in, or are wide enough for your toes to spread out. Or just settle for cold feet, like I do. 🤣🥶 Can you get space in between all your toes when you spread them out? Can you lift just the big toe? What other tricks can you do with your feet? Do you spend more time barefoot or shod? Can you get creative about how you increase the barefoot time? 🦶 Better foot health = better pelvic floor health. It’s all connected. Thanks for nerding out with me. 🤓