Prosecute These Franchise Executives Now!

New Post From The Franchise King® I’m serious. Enough already! Prosecute these franchise executives! In this post, I’m going to tell you why prosecutions need to happen forthwith.   Prosecute Before I get into this, you need to know the definition of...

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Jun 22, 2022
A Moving Franchise You Need To See To Believe

New Post From The Franchise King® We always wanted to move to North Carolina. But there was a problem. We couldn’t find a beach house we liked. None of the homes our Realtor showed us felt like home. Not one. So we came up with this crazy idea. What...

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Jun 16, 2022
The Secret To Successful Franchise Marketing

New Post From The Franchise King® The secret to successful franchise business marketing is contained in this 40- second video. See if you can find it:   The Franchise Marketing Secret Did you find the secret? If so, great! If not, I’m going to tell y...

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Jun 10, 2022
How’s Your Search For an Executive Position Going?

New Post From The Franchise King® If you’re intimately involved in an executive position search now, what are you experiencing? Maybe another way to ask you that question is this: Has it been a positive experience? Or is it getting old? Fml Head Bang...

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Apr 28, 2022