Kevin Kelly - 70 Years of Wisdom

In today’s episode, I talk to Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired magazine. Kevin is a writer, photographer, and philanthropist best known for his role as the executive editor of Wired, one of the top technology magazines in the world!  He travels all o...

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May 04, 2023
From Refugee to Billionaire (w/ Andrew Viterbi)

In today’s episode, I talk to Andrew Viterbi, co-founder of Qualcomm and creator of the Viterbi algorithm. When Andrew was just 4 years old, he came to the US as a refugee from Italy. By 10 years old, he already had a passion for math and technology...

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Apr 21, 2023
The Time I Had Dinner With Peter Thiel

In today’s episode, I talk about my dinner with Peter Thiel.   He is the co-founder of PayPal and Palantir, a billionaire investor, and the author of the bestselling book Zero to One.   In late 2021, my best friend Nevile and I had an opportunity to...

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Apr 06, 2023
Making It In The Music Industry (w/ Ben Kweller)

In today’s episode, I talk to Grammy-nominated musician, Ben Kweller.   Ben started in the music industry when he was 12 years old! He was part of the popular band Radish—which was signed to major record label, Mercury Records.    But when Ben was 19...

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Mar 09, 2023
The Million-Dollar Storage Unit Tycoon (w/ Nick Huber)

In today’s episode, I talk to Nick Huber, founder of The Sweaty Startup. Nick sold his first storage business, Storage Squad, for 7 figures!! Now, he owns and operates Bolt Storage which has 42 different self storage facilities taking up over 1.9 mil...

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Mar 02, 2023