Lance Armstrong’s Teammate Reveals All (Again)

Tyler Hamilton is a former professional cyclist, who used to be teammates with Lance Armstrong. He wrote one of my favorite books on biking ever, The Secret Race, a behind the scenes look at the training and lifestyle of elite bikers. If you want to...

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Dec 03, 2020
The Image Consultant

Aaron Marino is a men's lifestyle expert, grooming guru, and famous YouTuber. His Youtube channel, Alpha M, has over 6 million subscribers where he talks about fashion, image, and lifestyle design for men. If you are looking to make money being a con...

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Nov 26, 2020
How AppSumo makes 8 figures from Affiliate Marketing

Nick Christensen is our head of customer acquisition at AppSumo and he’s responsible for our affiliate marketing program. In this episode, we pull back the curtain on how we run our affiliate program at AppSumo and how you can start your own. https:/...

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Nov 19, 2020
Overcoming Childhood Trauma

Erin Tyler has designed book covers for multiple New York Times bestselling authors, such as James Altucher, Ryan Holiday, David Goggins, and Tucker Max. She’s currently the creative director at Scribe Media, and she just came out with her own books...

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Oct 29, 2020
My Former Intern Teaches me Business – Justin Mares

Justin Mares is the founder and CEO of Kettle and Fire, the fastest-growing bone broth brand in the country. He’s also the co-founder of Perfect Keto, a food & supplement brand for people going keto, and he’s the co-author of the popular marketin...

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Oct 22, 2020
Behind the scenes of YesTheory

Matt Dajer is the co-founder and producer of Yes Theory, a YouTube channel with over 5.8 Million subscribers whose mission it is to inspire people to “seek discomfort”. Full show notes at  

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Oct 15, 2020
The kindest person I ever met

Houston Kraft is a speaker, trainer, and kindness advocate, who is on a mission to spread his message of love worldwide. In this episode, we talk about how to give amazing speeches, ways to be kind, and how to make 3-5 figures per speech. Full show n...

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Oct 08, 2020