The Elite CEO Coach - Jerry Colonna

As a venture capitalist turned executive coach, Jerry Colonna specializes in helping leaders confront their psychological habits, fostering meaningful connections, and becoming compassionate, bold leaders.    His book, "Reboot," serves as a guide for...

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Dec 02, 2023
How Not to Give Up

In today's episode, I'm tackling a significant question that many of you have been eager for me to address. Often touted as the current world's number one currency, and it's not the Dollar (despite its significant presence in your pocket). Let's zero...

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Nov 24, 2023
The Million Dollar Professor with Dorie Clark

Today we're joined by Dorie Clark, a self-reinvention expert and a professor at Columbia Business School. Dorie is the author of multiple bestselling books, including "Reinventing You," "Stand Out," "Entrepreneurial You," and her latest release, "The...

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Nov 16, 2023
Stoicism overrated? With Brian Johnson

Today we’re talking with the Philosopher CEO Brian Johnson. As the Founder and CEO of Heroic Public Benefit Corporation, Brian has raised over $25 million, achieved crowdfunding history, and developed two great social platforms He's also the author o...

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Nov 12, 2023
The Zen Millionaire from Guam (Leo from ZenHabits)

Today, we're talking with my long time friend and author, Leo Babauta. With his blog, ZenHabits  and his impactful coaching programs, Leo has empowered thousands to adopt mindfulness, streamline their lives, and nurture healthier habits. Leo has auth...

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Oct 20, 2023
Getting Old with Mark Manson

Today, we're talking with my long time friend and renowned author and blogger Mark Manson. Mark Manson has authored several New York Times best selling books. Notably, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck," &  "Everything Is F*cked”. 📚 Become pa...

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Oct 13, 2023
From Employee to Entrepreneur: Proven Strategies

Today, we're revisiting a timeless topic – becoming a solo entrepreneur and breaking free from the 9-5 grind to build your dream business.    📚 Become part of the pre-launch team for my new book! Email to join   Back in the day, betwe...

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Oct 06, 2023
The Million Dollar Fitness Coach - Adam Gilbert

In today's episode we are joined for round 2 with my favorite fitness coach Adam Gilbert. He’s the Founder and Chief of, a company dedicated to helping people overcome excuses and achieve their health and fitness goals. 📚 Become part...

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Sep 29, 2023