Your December 2022 Tarot Reading 🔮

I know your inbox is probably full to bursting with all the deals that are going on this weekend. I'm personally stoked for deals on website builders, site hosting, and email marketing tools.Which I only mention because the next time I see you, this...

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Nov 26, 2022
All the cool kids are old.

If we're being honest, the human body is poorly designed.Think about it. If you sit down too long, your back hurts. If you stand up too long, your back hurts. If you lay down too long, your back hurts.As a kid, you probably hated really intense flavo...

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Nov 19, 2022
I bought a lot of knives.

Last week, I left you on a cliffhanger. Would I turn the mess in my dining room into costumes for the ren faire in time???Here's a link to the newsletter and a photo from last week to jog your memory:Well, I'm happy to say we did it. Which is to say...

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Nov 12, 2022
Remember, Remember the Fifth of November 💥

I believe it was freshman year of high school when we were required to take a class called simply "Humanities." The teacher, a woman who hadn't updated her wardrobe in the past 20 years, told us to think of it as a class about "human ties."Yes. She w...

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Nov 05, 2022
Your November 2022 Tarot Reading 🔮

I hope this email finds you well and not having a total panic attack because there are only two months left of 2022.We're all freaking out, aren't we?Well, that's the reason this month's tarot spread is all about calm. Whether the impending holidays...

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Oct 29, 2022