Remember, Remember the Fifth of November πŸ’₯

Nov 05, 2022 12:01 pm


I believe it was freshman year of high school when we were required to take a class called simply "Humanities." The teacher, a woman who hadn't updated her wardrobe in the past 20 years, told us to think of it as a class about "human ties."

Yes. She was one of those teachers. And to be fair, it was one of those classes that was required, but no one could really figure out why. Yes, some of the subject matter is important, but it was also covered in other classes.

Retrospectively, the class probably existed so the school could get a certain amount of federal dollars. If you know how the American public education system works, then you know each school is simply vying for the most dollars by jumping through arbitrary hoops and ghettoizing the student population into various subgroups to maximize certain test scores in order to secure more funding.

(These statements have nothing to do with teachers and everything to do with administrators and politicians who have never taught in a classroom. The people at the top don't know the difference between educating and wagging the dog.)

The one thing I remember about that humanities class was an assignment to do a small report on a holiday that we don't celebrate in the United States. My friend, Allie, and I chose Guy Fawkes Day.


We passed out caramel apple lollipops, I believe because caramel apples are typically eaten on that holiday? Honestly, I don't remember much about that presentation or the holiday. It was 23 years ago.

But every November 5th, I remember the little Guy Fawkes Day rhyme.

Perhaps there was some value to that little class. I still have the notebook from it, not because I took very important notes, but because I outlined an entire epic fantasy novel in it when I should've been paying attention.

Speaking of ignoring what I should be doing...

Today is the Renaissance Faire I mentioned a few newsletters back. I am writing this newsletter at 9:30 AM on the Friday before said Ren Faire. Have I prepped my costume at all?


So, please forgive the shortness and scatteredness of this newsletter, but your girl has to

  • sew two cloaks and one peasant shirt
  • finagle a cheap purse into a belt pouch with E6000
  • turn a patchwork vest into a corset-style sort of garment

Here's a look at the chaos that is my dining room table.


Have I mentioned that I haven't sewn anything since I took a sewing class at the local adult education center back in 2013? Tune in next week to see if I pull it all off or if I wrap a blanket around my shoulders and pretend it's a cloak that I wear with jeans.

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