Instagram LogoHappy #FlashFictionFriday, friends! ?? ? Swipe to read. Before you ask, no. I have never tried ketamine. Apparently you can hear the hum of the earth's rotation when you're on it. ??‍♀️ ? The Conversation 1️⃣ If Sarah stood really still and held her breath, she could almost hear the sound of the earth spinning on its axis. 2️⃣ It wasn’t so much the grinding of gears, but rather a mechanical hum, like when she had too many programs open on her MacBook. Maybe the earth was running like a computer, trying to give enough power to all the programs, and some of them occasionally just crashed. 3️⃣ She was pretty sure that’s where endangered species came from. And climate change. Just crashed programs from a computer doing a little too much. 4️⃣ Sarah never told anyone that she thought the earth was a computer, or that she could hear the sound of it working. She wasn’t stupid. She knew that people would think she was crazy. 5️⃣ Only, she didn’t think she was. She figured everyone could probably hear it too, if they stood really still and held their breath. What would happen if everyone did it all at once? How quiet would it get? And when they exhaled after that moment, would it create a really loud collective sigh? 6️⃣ Sarah didn’t know. She largely didn’t care either. What she did care about was slowing down enough to take a moment every now and again to just hear the hum. 7️⃣ She picked her tea up from the window sill, holding the warm mug in her hands, feeling the heat transfer from it to her. She stared through the glass at nothing in particular, just allowing her eyes to stare through what was in front of her. 8️⃣ The earth hummed on, as it always did, and Sarah listened the way she would listen to a friend when catching up after a long absence. 9️⃣ She didn’t have to say anything. That’s what Sarah liked best. The conversation continued on, and all she had to do was slow down enough to hear it.