Pitch perfect... or tone deaf?

Hello Content Creators!I've been thinking a lot about something several PR firms have told me recently: If you're going to hire a content creator, find one that focuses on your industry, category, or niche. There are two main reasons for that.But fir...

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Aug 27, 2020
Why didn't you tell me this was coming?

Hello Content Creators!Ooof. I spent five hours writing a single story yesterday.It was a summary of patent filings from Campagnolo, a bike component brand.Actually, they're one of the three dominant bicycle drivetrain manufacturers, somewhere right...

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Aug 21, 2020
Creating a disconnect

Hello Content Creators!This has not been a very productive week for me.I've been totally "off brand".I'm the one who's driven. Active. Productive. Basically, kicking ass.Instead...I was resigned to thisThis was my office this week.It's "off brand."It...

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Aug 14, 2020
A spoonful of (flaming) sugar...

Hello Content Creators!Masks, right?!?As marketers, it's tricky to take a stand. No matter which side of the fence we sit on, we're alienating someone. But, maybe we don't have to?And maybe this doesn't even have to be about "issues" at all (it doesn...

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Aug 06, 2020
I bet your Donut can't do this!

Hello Content Creators!This is something I've thought for many years: If you were a retailer, why wouldn't you have something completely unusual to lure people in?Restaurants have it easy (never thought you'd hear that, right?).Just create a menu ite...

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Jul 30, 2020
I just reeled in the deadliest catch

Hello Content Creators!You know what sucks?Chartering a $600, six-hour fishing boat and coming home empty handed.You know what sucks even more?Knowing that we might have been able to do it better.How? With research. Right now, it's simply too hot for...

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Jul 23, 2020
Make a (legendary) game of your content

Hello Content Creators!All my 15-year-old son wants to talk about right now is the cliffhanger left by the latest season of Apex Legends, a massively popular multiplayer online video game.Apparently, the current Season's final story update just happe...

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Jul 16, 2020
You can polish a turd, but....

Hello Content Creators!Seems like there's something in the water lately. It's bad. And it's affecting the very people who write your press releases.Maybe that's you. Or someone you work with.Or worse, someone you pay!Over the past three months, the q...

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Jul 09, 2020
It's OK to market in a silo

Hello Content Creators!Social media gets a bad rap for reinforcing your existing beliefs by showing you more and more similar content. And if we're being honest, we usually gravitate toward news sources, friends and stories that support our own opini...

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Jul 04, 2020
It's the bandwidth, stupor!

Hello Content Creators!Have you ever gotten through a big project and just been completely brain dead?Or strung together call after call or meeting after meeting for a couple hours, then just been wiped?This has happened to me a lot lately. I'm resea...

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Jun 26, 2020