How to maximize work-life balance for fun & profit!

It’s been a minute, but this Build Cycle Podcast episode is the perfect reboot as I turn my own focus inward to personal work-life balance.> Listen Here <My friends Simon and Giulio are co-founders of Bike Connection Agency, a marketing an...

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Nov 01, 2022
It's OK to quit. Just start early.

Hello Content Creators!Do you ever feel like you have so many stories to tell, but just can't find the time?I've found that mostly it's not a true time limitation, but rather it's my own desire to have each story build to the next.Or, to at least f...

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Aug 25, 2022
Here's why NFTs are winning marketing

And how to copy their strategy for creating huge community engagement! Hello Content Creators!Over the past week I've been falling down the NFT rabbit hole, and it's fascinating.Not just for the technical side of it, but for the marketing.The succe...

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Sep 30, 2021
Location x Timing = Content Win

Get those two right and your content will land when & where it should! Hello Content Creators!Last weekend was the NC Folk Festival in my hometown of Greensboro.It's a big deal. 300+ artists, 103 acts, 4 stages, 3 days, and thousands of spectat...

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Sep 17, 2021
Here's why you need Character Driven Stories

If you're not curating a cult of personality, you're probably doing it wrong. Hello Content Creators!I've often wondered why some brands and influencers seem to gain a massive, devoted following, while others just do...OK.And how they keep them tune...

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Aug 19, 2021