The LCS newsletter: Childhood toys

The Christmas when I was 8 was fantastic and terrible. I got the toy I had been eyeing for months. A little wood making set. In my imagination I expected I would be able to create all the other toys I wanted. In reality, wood is no replacement f...

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Jun 27, 2021
You wake up, unable to remember how you got here...

If you were dropped in a random place in the world, how long would it take you to figure out where you are? That basically what Geoguessr does. Using Google street view you can look around and then drop a pin on the map and get points for h...

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Jun 05, 2021
Why and How I use Obsidian

Hello there,This week I... failed in a job application I was really interested instruggled with my day job after taking a day off for my ill daughterbut alsodot to spend an extra day with my daughtertook part in a really fun podcast interview. Why am...

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May 22, 2021
LCS 33: the lesson of the water bottle?

Hi friend,This morning my daughter informed us that her water bottle was empty and needed filling. Nothing strange there, except it wasn't empty! We could see through the side and it clearly still had water in. So why did she think it was empty? Well...

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Apr 10, 2021
The Not-to-do list: Learn Create Share 32

Hi friend,Welcome to the first Learn Create Share newsletter from my new email provider. 🥳I switched to make things easier for me (one place to go instead of multiple) and to put things all in one basket. I'm sure both of these factors will help me w...

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Mar 06, 2021