The Not-to-do list: Learn Create Share 32

Mar 06, 2021 3:36 pm

Hi friend,

Welcome to the first Learn Create Share newsletter from my new email provider. 🥳

I switched to make things easier for me (one place to go instead of multiple) and to put things all in one basket. I'm sure both of these factors will help me with creation.

At the same time, I'm not sure how frequent this newsletter will be in the future, but I'd rather start and see than wait to know.

The Not-to-do list


Today, I started writing a not-to-do list.

This is the opposite of a todo list: activities which I should avoid. 

I've undertaken this exercise in the past, inspired by Patrick Rhone, but this time I made a small twist. Instead of just a list of things not to do, I added what I will do instead. Here's a small sample. 

I will say no to writing about:

  • Apple news
  • Computer games
  • Playing the Ukulele

So I can write about 

  • Sketchnotes
  • Learning
  • Creating

I've included a few different areas such as larger life plans and evening activities (no to watching TV so I can say yes to reading) but I am yet to see the benefit (if any) of this activity. I hope that the additional "so I can say yes to" section will help me focus. 

Perhaps you'd like to make your own "not-to-do" list? That's this editions challenge

Creative Challenge: Make a not-to-do list 

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Kings of Leon Will Be the First Band to Release an Album as an NFT - Rolling Stone


There's a lot of hullabaloo of NFTs right now, I'm intrigued by this move by the Kings of Leon but it seems like the sort of thing you could do without NFTs, perhaps it's just for the marketing.

Use Somebody...else's computer to validate this transaction

I'm just browsing - Seth's Blog


Seth touches on how the medium of interaction can affect the commitment and value driven from it. I've seen this in my own life where I am more committed the more money (and time) I spend on something. It's a real chicken and egg where one can lead to the other.

Will you invest the time to read the article?

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What I've written

I've been working away at making a new sketchnote course and running into issues with recording video. When combined with my carpal tunnel issues, I've written a lot less recently.

Still, I published a new article with some meme inspired images. I hope you enjoy.

How I effectively read online content


Fomo and distractions are two of the biggest challenges with reading online content. Here's how I deal with them.

Read the article

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