Why and How I use Obsidian

May 22, 2021 6:48 pm

Hello there,

This week I...

  • failed in a job application I was really interested in
  • struggled with my day job after taking a day off for my ill daughter

but also

  • dot to spend an extra day with my daughter
  • took part in a really fun podcast interview.

Why am I sharing this?

Well earlier in the week I saw someone encourage people to share their lows as well as their highs. It really resonated with me.

Looking in from the outside we can get caught up in the "oh it's so perfect and easy for them. Me, I'm just an idiot who can't do anything." When we are brave enough to share our trials as well as our triumphs, it helps normalise difficulties.

Some days are great, some are terrible, but most are somewhere in-between. that's okay.

Creative Challenge: Share the Ups and Downs

Find a way to share some bright and bleak points of your day or week. This could be a simple social post with + and - or an image to represent the goods, the bad and the urgh.

Blog posts

Here are the last couple of blog posts I've written and shared. I know there are a few more tech related articles recently, I have a sketchnote book summary on the way :)

🗒️ Why and How I use Obsidian


It's no secret that I'm an obsidian fan. Here's why I like it and a few ways I use it.

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🗒️ Designing an ideal week calendar


I’ve heard many people discuss the benefit of creating an “ideal week” template to help guide your planning.

While many of us can’t direct our schedules to achieve our ideal week calendars, it provides a useful reference that we can turn to and guide our planning.

In the past, I’ve used a google spreadsheet, but now I've decided to use an actual calendar.

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Thanks for dropping by

Once again thank you for taking the time to read this little newsletter. I'd love to turn this into a conversation so just hit reply and let me know what you enjoyed, what could be better AND the results of the creative challenge.

Be blessed

Chris Wilson