LCS 33: the lesson of the water bottle?

Apr 10, 2021 9:47 pm

Hi friend,

This morning my daughter informed us that her water bottle was empty and needed filling. Nothing strange there, except it wasn't empty!

We could see through the side and it clearly still had water in.

So why did she think it was empty?

Well, whenever she tried to suck out some water, nothing came. And since no water comes out when it's empty, the water bottle must be empty.

It's a cute little story but this sort of thing happens all the time in the adult world.

When something goes wrong, it must be for the same reason as the previous occasion. Or else it must be for the obvious reason. We don't even need to do a basic check to make sure that is the case.

Creative Challenge: Animal faces


I've been sharing a little procreate experiment my daughter and I indulged in. Drawing animal faces. We set some limits (using a certain colour pallet for all the animals, only using certain pens, only using a square image that must be filled) and we were off! Maybe you'd like to draw some animal faces but with different creative constraints? Or if you don't draw, you could use an animal face as inspiration for what to create.

Obsidian Show and Tell


I'm deep into the note taking app Obsidian now (it follows a Zettlekasten method). As I've shared some ideas behind my system, a few people have asked to see my system so they can better develop their own. So I put together a little Obsidian Show and Tell presentation.

If you'd like to watch the catch up (and get the obsidian starter kit) click the button below.

Show me your Obsidian

A personal status board (with Trello)

imageI stole this idea from David Sparks but changed the way I made it. The personal status board provides an overview of all the projects you have on the go at once. It's a way to keep on top of things without feeling overwhelmed.

Create your own personal status board

Speak soon