The LCS newsletter: Childhood toys

Jun 27, 2021 8:01 am

The Christmas when I was 8 was fantastic and terrible. I got the toy I had been eyeing for months. A little wood making set. 

In my imagination I expected I would be able to create all the other toys I wanted. In reality, wood is no replacement for plastic and I wasn't that skilled. 

I never made my power rangers megazord but I did enjoy creating simpler wooden patterns. 

It's rare that things or even experiences live up to our expectations, but sometimes there's an unexpected joy we can also receive. 

We just have to stay open to it. 

Creative prompt: Childhood toys


Think about a childhood toy you had and use that as a prompt. You might write a short story like I did, create an image with the toy included, or even find it and use it in your creation process. 

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