🛵 What I'm most thankful for

Your turkey time is done, ! 🦃 I just ate my 2nd round of leftovers for breakfast, and I'm over it. 🍕 Pizza or 🥗 salad anyone? Anything but turkey!?!I was talking to a UK based friend yesterday who asked something along the lines - How is Thanksg...

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Nov 25, 2022
🛵 Simply enjoy the ride (if you can!)

Hello, !Riding can really throw curveballs at you.⏱️We get busy.⛈️The weather gets horrendous.😵‍💫The world feels crazy from time to time.Then there's a beautiful day that just screams, "IT'S TIME TO RIDE!"Get away. Soak in the sun. Listen to that win...

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Oct 22, 2022
🛵 Quick question about your gloves

Hello, scooter friend!I’m pretty frugal, and I find that most scooter riders are in the same boat. It’s fun to ride on 2 wheels, scooters are pretty affordable, but we’ll splurge 💵 where we need to. We throw in a little of when we want to from time-t...

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Oct 15, 2022
🛵 Halloween on the scoot?

Happy Saturday, !Scooter NewsWhen updating the big 'ol spreadsheet with the latest & greatest model info, I was surprised to see that Vespa had slipped in a 125cc version of the GTS. I had it in the back of my mind because before, the GTS was the...

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Oct 08, 2022
🛵 Please find time to do these 3 things

Hey there, !First. I want you to find time to ride. 🛵I just saw another post in a Facebook group of a scooter being sold because the owner just can’t find the time to ride. We’re all busy, but I hate to hear of a neglected scooter. Neglecte...

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Oct 01, 2022