Louis-Philippe Loncke News - Lancement de #LouPhiTest

Hi there, (En Français Plus bas)I decided to have a newsletter, mainly for those not on Facebook and those not visiting my website regularly. I have actually made 2:a) Newsletter for the fans, ideally max 6 times per year.b) Newsletter for the Media...

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Oct 13, 2020
HRP 2020 Crossing the Pyrenees unsupported

EN: This is a brief account and the Press Release online of the HRP2020 expedition that is just finished.FR : Voici un bref compte-rendu et le communiqué de presse en ligne de l'expédition HRP2020 qui vient de se terminer.NL: Dit is een korte uiteenz...

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Sep 10, 2020
Crossing the Pyrenees unsupported via the HRP

EN: This weekend I should start my last "long expedition with a heavy backpack". I'll attempt to cross the Pyrenees solo, unsupported (no food resupplies unless I find berries before the bears) and only sleeping in my tent (not fun in thunderstorms)....

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Jul 23, 2020
Expedition Finse in Norway

EN: I went in Norway to attend Expedition Finse. The small (hence great) festival is packed with great explorers, adventurers and snow. I've met several people I've been in touch with for years and also nice guys I have never heard about it. On the (...

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Feb 22, 2020
Les engagés avec Thomas Tirtiaux

EN: I listened to Thomas Tirtiaux who with 2 other friends did a cold trek in the dark to Cape North. Hell launch soon a crowdfunding campaign to produce a 26min film about this expedition.FR: J'ai écouté Thomas Tirtiaux qui, avec deux autres amis, a...

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Feb 06, 2020