Yeld 2023 Holiday Sale!

Hi ! It's time for the next Yeld newsletter! It's been awhile since we've done one of these, but we're hoping to get back into the habit!First up...Its that time of year! The Yeld/Modest Medusa Holiday Sale is now live! Check out the sale here!The sa...

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Nov 18, 2023
Pride and Yeld! (Jun./Jul. 2021)

Pride may be over, , but it'll never be over in our hearts!In celebration of Pride month, we've put out a look at Yeld's holiday with a similar meaning- The Serpent's Parade! Check it out by clicking the picture above, even if you don't back our Patr...

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Jul 12, 2021
Ghost Stories, Fairytales, and Myths in Yeld! (May 2021)

Take a seat at the campfire, - we've got some stories for you!Our first tale is about last Month's Monster of the Month prompt, when we asked you to create a spooky ghost- one that even other ghosts would be afraid of! You all made some amazing submi...

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May 27, 2021