Ghost Stories, Fairytales, and Myths in Yeld! (May 2021)

May 27, 2021 9:01 pm

Take a seat at the campfire, - we've got some stories for you!


Our first tale is about last Month's Monster of the Month prompt, when we asked you to create a spooky ghost- one that even other ghosts would be afraid of! You all made some amazing submissions, and here's the one who won!


Meet Ghost Catcher, submitted by Yeld fan Skull! This terrifying spook captures new ghosts, and spirits them away to a secret lair in the Ghost World... where it holds wicked neverending tea parties! Beware, or you too might wind up snacking upon Ghost Cake and Bone Tea... forever! (Though, I've heard the gift bags guests receive are pretty neat...) Click the pic above to see the full post on our Patreon!


Our second story is an old myth- one that tells the tale of an old god known as the Tree Prince, the lonely Lumberjackal, the grizzly Root Gods they accidentally created, and the role of Root Warden!

Join our Patreon, and you too will learn the tale, as well as gain access to the Root Warden Monster Job- a new monstrous form your characters can take if they turn 13 while still in Yeld! Click the pic above or below to learn more!



Our final story is one for you to tell, in our new Monster of the Month contest!

Surrounded as it is by the Oceans of The Deep, Yeld has only one proper border- that which it shares with the Fairylands! This mysterious place is the source of many a strange tale, as none who have visited- not even the Fairies who came from there as part of the Prince's army- can remember anything definite about it!

This month's contest is to come up with your own myth or tall tale about the mysterious fairylands that share a border with Yeld. Your entry should include a monster, treasure, or point of interest the Friends may find while exploring the nearly endless Storm Mountains that make up the border between the two lands.

Click the picture above for our Patreon post with more info!


And with that, we've come to the end of this month's Yeld newsletter! Got a story to share with us about your own adventures, or want to hear more of our stories? Come by our Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and/or Discord server to chat!

Until next time, spooky friends~!