How The Resource Doula Podcast was born

Show NotesOn today’s episode, I share with you a bit of my story, how the resource doula podcast came to be, and how you can find me online!All my links will be found at https://trainernatalie.comSign up for my newsletter here:

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Apr 24, 2022
Creating a Mental Push Plan with Lauren & Carolyn

Just a note on this episode of the podcast, we had some technical difficulties and ended up with a lower quality audio track but a high quality conversation. Thanks for listening as I learn how to do this well!Show NotesChatting with Lauren and Carol...

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Mar 19, 2022
Healing Beyond Postpartum with Dominika Buck

It’s always lovely to chat with Dominika about health, women’s wellness, childbirth, and postpartum healing. She has lived it, and she has a passion for improving maternal healing after people have their babies.Just a note on this episode of the podc...

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Mar 05, 2022
Advocacy in Prenatal Care with Molly Lunsford

Join Molly Lunsford and me as we chat about her perspective as a student midwife and student nurse practitioner. She gave some great insights into how to advocate for yourself during pregnancy, and how to narrow down provider you should choose.Resour...

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Feb 11, 2022