2024:  Already Slicing Me Open

I know I’ve been quiet a bit on the blog front. It’s mostly because I was out and about creating my Book Baubles Swappable Bling 2.0 TM line of creative bookmarks. Then I had been working on the prototype for the Book Baubles Swappable Bling Literary...

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Jan 06, 2024
{{contact.first_name}}: A New Creative Endeavor!

The Women Weapons Magic DigestGreetings & Salutations Friends!As we embark on the official days of autumn, despite the continued humidity where I live, I hope you find that you have had an enjoyable summer. I know mine was rather uneventful, and...

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Sep 24, 2023
AI: The Djinn Is Out Of The Bottle

AI. It’s a thing that has been out there for longer than you think. Have you ever talked to Siri or Google? Have you ever relied on a spelling or grammar checker like ProWritingAid? A good deal of us use these things without a second thought. But, wh...

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Aug 24, 2023
{{contact.first_name}}: Imaginarium Wrap Up!

News & Updates from USA Today Bestselling Author & Creative Deconstructionist Shannon McRobertsThe Women Weapons Magic DigestHowdy !Well, I did it. I drove myself to Louisville twice to participate in the Imaginarium convention. If you have e...

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Jul 21, 2023
Imaginarium 2023 Wrap Up

Well, I did it. I drove myself to Louisville twice to participate in the Imaginarium convention. If you have ever met me out in the wild, you may not know I have crushing social anxiety and I hate traveling. It took me 10 years to get up the nerve to...

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Jul 20, 2023
Serial Reading:  Tapping A New Audience

I had an amazing time at the Imaginarium in Louisville this weekend. I kind of wish I could have stayed overnight, but alas, life LOL. Also, I am WORE out. I will post something about that later. At any rate, I promised my audience a clickable versio...

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Jul 16, 2023
A Chat On The Star Chamber Show

If you know me, you know I’m not real big on self-promotion. I also shy away from public speaking and spotlights. I’ve done like two other radio interviews in my life and I always felt like I sounded like a goober. However, this was a fun experience,...

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Jun 22, 2023
How I Turned My iPad Air Into A Laptop

Back in 2018, I decided to purchase an “entry level” iPad.  I wanted something I could take with me to my day job that would allow me to write during my lunch break.  I won’t bore you with a rehash.  You can read all about that discussion in this art...

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May 21, 2023
Water:  Not Bad When Ice Cold

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to like water.  I haven’t completely replaced my soda with water, but I find I am more apt to drink water when it is ice cold.  Now, I’m not talking about tepid restaurant style ice water.  No, no.  I’m talking abou...

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May 18, 2023
Graphic Novel On Hold

The other day I refreshed my graphic novel. I took out some older pages and put some new ones in. I didn’t change the content, only the “advertisements”, which at this point were over 5 years old. Originally this book was available on Amazon in eBook...

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Apr 05, 2023
The Dragon’s Treasure & Murder In Loft 36:

I’ve tried to write several short stories this year for various anthologies. Unfortunately, both of my attempts have jumped to over 10K words in a matter of minutes! The first story I failed at making short ended up as a new story in my Flavors of Fa...

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Mar 18, 2023
Rogue Goddess Productions: The Many Branches of Shannon

Hello everyone! I’m excited to announce the launch of my brand-new website featuring my art portfolio, author services, stationery, stickers, and unique gifts. As an artist and writer, I’m passionate about creativity and self-expression, and I’m thri...

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Feb 25, 2023