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Sep 24, 2023 11:05 pm


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Greetings & Salutations Friends!

As we embark on the official days of autumn, despite the continued humidity where I live, I hope you find that you have had an enjoyable summer. I know mine was rather uneventful, and I have dedicated most of my remaining summer to helping my child adjust to high school. Of course, one bright spot at the end of my summer was the fact I turned 44 this week and somehow I've lost almost 30lbs!

How was your summer? Did anything amazing happen to you? Did you visit any cool places?  

Until next time    



A New Creative Endeavor


This year I have been experimenting with many ideas on things I can offer outside of just books and art. I’ve hung my shingle out as an independent publishing consultant and commissioned artist, I’ve spoken at several conferences, and I’ve begun creating many fun things like notebooks and writing packs. But the one thing that has taken me by total surprise is the popularity of my handmade bookmarks.  

They are so popular, over the last two months I’ve dedicated myself to opening up a web shop, talking to authors for orders, and designing some really cool things! Which is why I haven’t written a single word on any of my WIPs. OOPS.

I’m not sure when I will get the online shop up and running; so, for now I’m handling things in person or through IM. I have crunched some numbers, though, and spoke to the post office. Best I can figure is these will start at $15.00 USD with $5.10 shipping & handling. I haven’t quite figured out how to mail something outside the United States, though. Somehow, $40.00 for shipping seems like a real turn off LOL!

Last night I finally figured out the packaging I want to make for the bookmarks. I also charged my real camera to capture better pictures.  




In Person Events

My next in person event will be my writing group’s festival. If you are in the area, feel free to stop by. This will be during Frankfort’s Candlelight Tour where they kick off the Christmas season and shops stay open late for present buying! I plan on being there as early as possible.   



You can keep up with all I'm doing at this link: