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Jul 21, 2023 3:01 am

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Howdy !

Well, I did it. I drove myself to Louisville twice to participate in the Imaginarium convention. If you have ever met me out in the wild, you may not know I have crushing social anxiety and I hate traveling. It took me 10 years to get up the nerve to participate, but I am glad I did!

Unfortunately, my friend that was going to be my buddy did not get to go this year as planned. So, I headed off in my car to a place I've never driven to on my own to do public speaking in front of strangers. YIKES!

Normally I feel awkward in these kinds of situations where I have no idea what I'm doing, who I'm going to hang out with, or where I am going. I even stopped at my best friend's house on the way up there to try to drag him with me on one of my days. Of course, he was sick and couldn't come. Thus, I was on my own.

For the first time, I didn't feel like an outsider. People who had no clue who I was welcomed me like an old friend. I was able to speak at several panels and even taught a class on Serial Reading. And I had actual people show up to hear ME tell them about Kindle Vella and Ream. Several students even said I had gotten them highly motivated. Plus, I learned things from the panels I participated in!

I also had a great time talking to the vendors and panelists. I don't normally get to do that when I'm selling my own books as I am usually by myself, but I wandered around for two days this time. Everyone I met was super nice. I couldn't buy everything I wanted, but I tried to take a card from all the people I spoke with. Hopefully I can buy something from them soon.

The dinner was delicious and although my book did not win the final award, I still had a fun night. Even though the grumpy waitress tried to take my chocolate cake because she was sure "that doesn't come with your meal". Uhm. Ma'am I was promised chocolate cake when I paid for my meal over a month ago. You do not take cake from the fat lady who is tired. In order to avoid any other complications, I decided to eat my cake right after that conversation LOL. Fortunately for me, the people at the cash concession stand were very friendly.

If you are looking for a convention full of cool people and things, you should attend Imaginarium! Who knows, maybe next year I will actually sell books. But yeah, I am definitely going to try to go back!

The Pod Cast

The other crazy thing I did was appear on a pod cast. That crushing anxiety I mentioned before? Yeah, it even causes me to shy away from just talking. But, once again, I had great fun. You can still listen to the replay by clicking below!

Listen To The Interview!

Vellas and Ream

In case you missed it, I have three Kindle Vellas and a Ream now. Ream is a subscription based platform where you can pay monthly to access the stories I post. Vella is of course the US only Kindle "token" platform that started in 2021. I try to post at least one time weekly in each of the major stories.


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