Hello June, How Are You?

The Muse is Amusing.I often began writing a story based on an image, and I get married to the thought of what if? This month I will show you how I pull it all together from image to concept to book cover creation.My next Mail Order Bride comes out in...

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Jun 05, 2024
April Newsletter. The Writer's Life.

We have officially entered the fourth quarter, and I shall not lie, I haven’t changed much of anything. I am writing less to give myself a mental break and quilting more to give myself a different creative outlet, but I am not working out like I...

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Apr 15, 2024
We are all booked.

This is the hardest job I will ever love. However, what many writers will not tell you is -- to do this job, a healthy self-esteem is required.People have low esteem for a variety of reasons. Some individuals suffer from poor body image and focu...

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Mar 12, 2024
Hello My Friend.

This month, I did a hard reset. A hard reset is when you sit and look at your life, what has worked, what has failed miserably, and what lessons have taught you the most. I will be very honest with you in saying that this profession, is tough. Not on...

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Feb 20, 2024
New Weekend Read From OG

From language barriers to snow-covered challenges, Adalberto faces it all to win Aleesa's heart in the remote Alaskan wilderness. 🏞️❤️ #LoveConquersAll #WildernessRomance"A handsome caretaker hunkers down with a big game hunter in a remote wilderness...

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Jan 26, 2024
Free Books Over the Cold Weekend

It is going to be a cold one this weekend my friends. I don't want you to be too bored locked inside with a hot cup of cider, tea, coffee or cocoa. How about a different, free NOVEL every day this weekend.Let's see what I have in my bag of goodies.Fr...

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Jan 19, 2024
Day 16 of a New Year

New Chances to Leave The Old YouI don't believe in New Year's resolutions. I think sitting, making a list of all the things you are going to never follow through on is simply setting yourself up for disappointments. Trust me, there are enough disappo...

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Jan 16, 2024
Happy December

Me, Alexa and Say What?I got an Alexa. As a matter of inquiry, I purchased two, one for my office and one for the kitchen. I don't know why I thought I needed two, but Bababbby, I am in love. I walk into my office and say Good Morning Alexa, and she...

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Dec 10, 2023
Welcome to a Novel November

Welcome to a Novel NovemberNovember is an amazing month, not simply because it my birthday month, it is simply cool. Well cooler than let's say July, which is entirely too hot. What I love about November is that for 30 days, writers across the globe...

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Nov 01, 2023
Welcome to an Opportune October

October is such an Opportune Time!I love October. Outside of November, which is my birthday month, October is such an opportune time to clear out the cobwebs of the year. Usually, around this time of year, I clean out the pantries and stock the shelv...

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Oct 01, 2023