Old dog learning new (software) tricks

Howdy, 🎥 The 5 Business Apps I Use to Run a $30 Million/Year CompanyThrough AppSumo I’ve tried thousands of tools…Here are the top five apps I use to help run our 8-figure business.PLUS I share 3 bonus tools you can use to run your business.Be E...

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Sep 14, 2020
$100 Life Upgrades

Howdy, 🎥 How to live like a millionaire when you’re broke ($100 life upgrades)Learn some of the best low-cost life upgrades with HUGE impacts.Go leave a comment here. I’ll pick a winner to get my favorite life upgrades from the video. ⏰ Tim...

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Sep 09, 2020
How to get customers (no matter your business idea)

Howdy,🎥 Get Customers For Any Business Idea You can have the BEST tacos in the world... BUT if no one comes to your restaurant — you have no business.I always start with the CUSTOMERS first approach.So I randomly chose 5 of your business i...

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Sep 02, 2020
I Paid A Pro $2,142 to Upgrade My Setup

Howdy, 🎥 I Paid A Camera Pro $2,142 to Upgrade My YouTube SetupTest THEN invest.I first started recording videos just on my iPhone...I learned a TON about making videos — then decided to pay a PRO to level up my game. Here’s everything I le...

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Aug 31, 2020
Neville Have I Ever…

My newsletter is like a box of chocolates — you Neville know what you’re gonna get!But I always hook you up with the goodies. 🍫🎥 8 Ways to be a Little Happier TodayI lived with my best friend Neville for a month and he lives VERY differently than mos...

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Aug 26, 2020
Best of the Week - 8/19/20

Howdy, 🎥 Dopamine Detox: The Reset Button For Your LifeThe previous 3 years of my life were some of my lowest…In short, I needed to hit the RESET button on LIFE.Learn about dopamine’s impact (especially for entrepreneurs), how to do a digital de...

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Aug 19, 2020
How to find a cofounder

Howdy, 🎥 How to Find A CofounderI still remember the day I knew my cofounder Chad was the one...But finding the right business partner can be a challenge. I put together everything I’ve learned about business partnerships from finding peopl...

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Aug 17, 2020
The Law of 💯

Howdy, 🎥 How to ACTUALLY Stick to Your Goals and RoutinesI quit Intel after 14 months. Fired by Facebook after 9 months. Quit Mint after 9 months…24 business ideas later I FINALLY found one to stick with. It’s turned into an 8-figure company. He...

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Aug 12, 2020