Quick Question: What's behind your couch? 🛋

So, I was in my son's room doing an upgrade to our internet (the routers are in his room).Upon moving his couch, I was greeted by this:Unsurprisingly, I began finding stuff that had been missing for some time.(Note: If you've been missing something,...

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Aug 02, 2020
Our anniversary was horrible. Open for details.

Last week I sent you an email announcing that it was Cetelia's and my 20th wedding anniversary.The two of us got out of town for a brief trip, and the entire experience was miserable for both of us.For starters, we didn't talk on our anniversary besi...

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Jul 25, 2020
🎉 20 Years. 20% Off. 48 Hours.

Today Cetelia and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary!We're excited and grateful. In a later email, I'll write a out some of the lessons I've learned over two decades.For now, I want to let you know we've knocked 20% off all our marriage t...

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Jul 15, 2020
😒 Does your spouse accept correction from you?

I have an important reminder for you, but first let me deal with the subject line:Wouldn't it be grand if your spouse accepted correction when you offered it? I bet you'd feel really good inside if you pointed out a weakness, character flaw, or sin t...

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Jul 08, 2020