Is your marriage drifting?

Hi ,Look at this boat.I don't know who owns this vessel, but I can guarantee you that he/she didn't buy it thinking that one day it would have to be rescued. If anything, the owner thought the boat could be used to rescue someone else who was having...

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Oct 03, 2022
Calling all spouses with a good marriage

Hi ,If you have a good marriage, this email is for you.For the past several days I've been writing about the How to Love When You Feel Like Leaving course.While the title is certainly written in a way to speak to those who feel like they're on the ma...

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Sep 29, 2022
Marriage is ___ (fill in the blank)

Hi, - take a look at this picture.This is the John Moulton historic barn in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and is reportedly the most photographed barn in the world.If you're thinking there's nothing special about this barn, you're right. It's just an old,...

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Sep 27, 2022
I can't believe she did that

Dear ,This morning I woke up 1600 miles from Texas in my hometown of Greensboro, NC.I stayed at my mom's house last night, and got up this morning and had a nice breakfast while waiting on my dad to get from his house so we could take care of our obl...

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Sep 23, 2022