He called me back after he joked on his wife

This afternoon a friend's wife and I were on the phone going over the details of some work I'm doing for their new business venture. Her husband came into the room, and made a joke about his wife. We all laughed, and moved on.Kinda.Thirty minute...

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Mar 15, 2024
What did it cost?

I'm a late-blooming Marvel fan, and loved Avengers: Infinity War.In one pivotal scene (and I'm going to assume you've seen it or don't plan on seeing it), Thanos, the villain, finds himself inside the world of the Soul Stone. There he meets a re...

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Mar 04, 2024
What has priority: Your marriage or children?

Love your children, and support their activities. However, don't let them dominate your marriage. Remember to prioritize the one you married. #marriageworksJulian and Shana enthusiastically support their son's baseball and their daughter's art, dedic...

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Feb 05, 2024
Growing intimacy through conflict

´╗┐Conflict is normal in marriage, and can be used to grow intimacy if approached & handled wisely. #marriageworksSarah and Mark have been married for several years. Over time, they've developed their own routines and habits, but they've also accum...

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Jan 30, 2024