Easing out of a long hiatus [DL: Scrivener icons]

 Hello, writers! Why yes, I did indeed fall off the face of the earth for a while. A… long while.  You signed up to hear from me about the Monster Novel Structure Workbook, writing craft, and other writing-related goodness. I prom...

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Jul 04, 2022
New Monster Novel stuff is coming! Eventually.

Hey there, writers.You joined this list on the promise that you would hear from me with regularity about writing and similar goings-on. Thank you. It’s an honor to be invited into your inbox.So, uh, the last email to this list was in February--what g...

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Sep 22, 2021
Quick Update & Tech Issue

Hey there, writers,If you're new to this list, you're probably wondering why there haven't been any new emails lately--fair! I did promise a newsletter every 2 weeks when you signed up. As those subscribed prior to November know, my Mom died the Sund...

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Feb 14, 2021
Going on Hiatus, Mourning Period

Hi, gang.I don’t really know how to start, except to be upfront. My mother died on Sunday November 22nd. She had been fighting multiple myeloma since shortly before our big move in 2016. Her death was both anticipated and shockingly sudden. My dad an...

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Nov 30, 2020
Strengthening prose (and lyrics!) with rhetorical devices

Hello, writers!Sorry for the delay in getting you todays’ newsletter. Things have been a bit taxing at home but I didn’t want to leave you hanging any longer than I absolutely had to.We’re now halfway through NaNoWriMo and it’s turned into me working...

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Nov 17, 2020
Screaming is a reasonable response to November.

Hello, writers!Are we all buckled in for Hell Month? Because that’s what November’s looking like. Between the US elections and NaNoWriMo and just--you know--the world, there’s a lot to be stressed about. Okay, BUT. Focusing on all the doom is no...

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Nov 02, 2020
Getting ready for NaNoWriMo +Scrivener quickstart guide

Hello, writers!My NaNo plan is in place: I’m going to pick up drafting the novel I halted back in March. I stopped because it had pandemic elements and I couldn’t bear to have that in reality and my fiction at the same time. So I put it in a drawer,...

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Oct 18, 2020
NaNoPrep Tips + Novel structure is for pantsers, too

Hello, writers!I know the world’s still a dumpster fire (in places, an actual raging fire) but I hope some business-as-usual-ness can lift your spirits.There’s a very old saying about no battle plan surviving contact with the enemy. Truer words were...

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Sep 21, 2020
Setting daily writing goals with Pacemaker

Hello, writers!It both feels like it’s still March 2020 and also the year 2043, what is time? And yet, time seems to be relentlessly moving forward because we are now just under 2 full months before NaNoWriMo!If you haven’t heard of it before, Novemb...

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Sep 07, 2020